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Testimonials - What they're all saying

 I am very satisfied with the way BrightOwl works. I had a hard time finding a job. Usually agencies even did not want to present me to a potential employer, so I even did not had a chance to show/prove my skills. It should not be up to the agency to block valuable candidates. It is not because you might not have the right answers at the agency interview that you don't have the needed skills. Most people working at those agencies are even not qualified to evaluate your skills and are just looking to see how many boxes are ticked during the interview with them. BrightOwl is different. They let the skills of the candidate be transparent to the potential employers, so it is up to potential employer, who know what the specific needs are that they are looking for, to see if they find that back in the profile of the candidate. And yes, the system has proven itself. Less then 2 months after the intro evening I got hired in a permanent position !!! BrightOwl's concept works. I like to thank the whole team of BrightOwl and also the founder to start with this concept. Thank you !!!
__ by Farah Le Dupont, Life science professional __ January,28 2016
 There are many reasons to choose for Brightowl. It is a very well organized recruitment agency for people who are graduated in life sciences. They have several jobs on their platform. You can sign in and apply very easily for jobs. Then they perform all the work for you. They see if you have a match with the chosen job, talk with you over the phone about your personal life, work experience, skills and future perspectives. When they have a match, they contact the company and inform them of a new candidate. When everything goes well they will organize an interview, follow up after the interview and see how it went. Even when you have the job, they contact you later to see if you are still pleased and  have settled at your new job. So the only thing I can tell you all is just try and see it yourself, because they helped me a lot and I am sure they can help you too. After 3 months I already found a job that I never had imagined. So thank you Brightowl!
__ by Caroline Vuegen, Junior CTA __ January,28 2016
 "This is my first application at Brightowl and I really enjoyed the efficacy of the process.”
__ by Sandro Boland, Medicinal chemist __ March,1 2016
 "BrightOwl is a terrific platform for life science professionals seeking for new challenges. Through its outstanding approach, it really places the job seeker at the center of the recruitment process. I really felt spoiled during my applications. The impression you get is that BrightOwl cares about you, allowing you to get the most out of the job searching experience. The BrightOwl team does follow-up on your applications and strives to help you to get the job you want. BrigthOwl is the best job searching tool I have been using so far. I do recommend it to life science professionals willing to move to the next step."
__ by Leonardo Ruggiero, MedTech Development Manager __ March,1 2016
 When I decided to look for another job opportunity in the beginning of 2016, I started to explore many recruiting sites for job opportunities. I also came along the brightowl platform which looks different then all the other recruiting sites. As I was interested to discover this new 'recruiting' concept more in detail I immediately started with registering for an account. It's was so easy, especially with the possibility to use the details of your LinkedIn profile, that I reached 92 % completeness in no time. Once my account was active, I searched for job opportunities and came to one of my interest. Although there was only 45 % predicted profile match, I took my chance by applying without any doubt. So far the BrightOwl platform was very easy to use and consistent in his approach. As mentioned in the way how BrightOwl works, I was contacted by a BrightOwl recruiter within two business days to further discuss my application and my motivation as they also noticed a possible match for this vacancy. A few days later I attended and interview at the brightowl office in Mechelen. Unfortunately the company hiring for the position did not invite me for an interview due to lack of job specific required experiences... Although I was disappointed in the outcome, I do believe that the BrightOwl platform delivers a lot of added value in the recruitment process whit there innovative concept.   As long I continue looking for a new opportunity, I will visit BrightOwl regularly for new job openings that interests me.
__ by Anonymous, Anonymous __ March,14 2016
 The experience with BrightOwl was very good. Personally, I have to say that I had a very good impression about the professional that followed by process from the first contact (i.e. Arianne Hermans). She was always very helpful and interested: 1) in clarifying existing doubts about the job; 2) in following closeby all the selection process  (management) and feedback from interviews. Therefore, I have a positive feedback about BrightOwl .  
__ by Andreia Alves, Chromatography analyst __ June,21 2016