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Process Controller - Malaysia  

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Posted on : 26 December 2016

Project Description

  • Briefly describe the overall purpose or function of the job and how it contributes to the overall business. 
  • Respond also to the questions: "Why does this job exist?" and "In which way does this position contribute to the overall business objectives?" 
  • Champion Good Leadership behaviors and deliver key results for best practice in operational elements, as defined by the organization and adherence to the organization’s CORE VALUES in all business conducts 
  • To manage and develop the DMYS Plants and staff to ensure the company meets its ongoing business objectives, strategies and customer demands.
  • Establish and maintain a working environment that continuously develops staff and process capabilities. 
  • Promoting team spirit, building motivation and morale while working to deliver and exceed customer expectations
  • To actively contribute to the development and implementation of strategic plans and policies of the Site, in order to ensure the success of the Company

  • Key words that accurately describe the main tasks and responsibilities of the job (include level of complexity: no of products and industries, one function/several functions (e.g. Finance & HR)
  • Key Results for a Good Leader (Global Accountability)
  •  Deliver short term financial results
  •  Deliver long term sustainable development through customer focus and innovation
  •  Create motivated, empowered and competent teams and individuals
  • To actively align business practices with company policies and ensure current procedures and work practices are as per documented procedures and work instructions to ensure all aspects of the business are aligned
  • SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) and Food Safety
  •  Ensure compliance to the SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) management systems, PSM and Food Safety Systems in order to ensure both regulatory compliance and best practice performance
  • To actively lead and promote SHEQ, by ensuring personnel are trained, safe practices are in place and are followed, 
  • Implement and maintain the Danisco Malaysia Safety Management Systems ( STOP ) including company SHE policies. 
  • To ensure the hazards are identified and controlled, safe behavior practices are maintained, Incidents are reported and investigated and early intervention in injury management. 
  • To actively lead and promote care for the Environment, by ensuring personnel are trained to understand the Environmental impact of our business, thus ensuring environmentally safe process and practices are followed. 

Organization Culture
  • Participate and contribute in the Spirit improvement activities to improve employees’ engagement level at site
  • Actively own the site DPS and TRACC implementation program and develop a continuous improvement culture for the site  

Staff Management/Development
  •  Ensure inductions for new staff are completed; Position descriptions are maintained and reviewed at least annually. 
  • To ensure staff have a good understanding of their role in the business
  • Ensure Personal and Professional Development plans are set at the start of each fiscal year and reviews are completed at the half and full year. 
  • To ensure a clear and fair performance review and development process for all staff 
  • Conduct Personal Performance Plans using performance management system provided by HR.
  • To defined and communicate the expected at the start of each assessment year. performance standards are clearly define and performance feedback is given To ensure scheduled reviews are conducted and performance feedback are given as schedule.  
  • Develop and maintain staff training and development plans to ensure a highly trained and flexible workforce 

Operating Costs 
  • Manage DPC and Production related IPC Costs, actively seeking opportunities to reduce operating costs and improve service levels 
  • Actively participate in DPC and IPC budget preparations 
  • Provide inputs for costing of products and services to ensure accurate costing enabling accurate margin management inputs for the product division 
  • Actively monitors rework stocks, ensuring quick disposal and minimizing cost impact on the company.  
  • To identify and correct any variances due to Bill of Material or Process inefficiency by conducting Variance Analysis, analyzing trends and implementing corrective actions. 

  • Ensure staff adhere to, and that the plant is operated following written procedures and recipes while operating within the principles of 5S, GMP and adhering to HACCP plans, so as to ensure the quality of the product. 
  • Work closely with production planning to ensure that production can meet the production plan in a timely manner. Drive site DTP performance. 
  • Arrange and fine tune timing of raw material deliveries and arrange pre-weighing of dry raw materials to ensure requirements of the production plan, developed in conjunction with the Demand Team are met. 
  • Co-ordinate the allocated resources to ensure the production schedules are achieved in the most efficient manner 
  • Roster staff as required, to meet the production schedules, while balancing the other priorities of the business, ensuring the most efficient use of resources. 
  • Support site procedure development and training  

  • Actively contribute to the development and implementation of forward capital and site development plans so as to ensure infrastructure is maintained and developed in harmony with business plans.
  • Work in conjunction with Engineering and Project Manager to develop and implement operator training and maintenance plans for all new equipment 
  • Ensure standard operating procedures are available for all new equipment 
  • Assist in post completion reviews of capital projects to find opportunities for continuous improvement in the investment project management process 

Administrative and Others:
  • Investigate complaints through to root cause and ensure corrective actions are followed through to completion and close out on GCMS (Global Complaints Management System)  
  • Address Production CAR (Corrective Action Reports) requests, determine and implement appropriate corrective actions to ensure operating standards are maintained 
  • Timely monthly reporting on Production Performance to allow good communication flows and to enable DMYS Operations reporting timelines to be met 

  • Briefly describe the principal challenges of the position (e.g. Finance: determine company budget to maximize company profit while enabling company growth opportunities) 
  • Managing the production cost efficiently.
  • Deliver the production team critical KPIs and COTs
  • Engage the team in creating synergy within the department.
  • Ability to motivate and guide the team to achieve higher goals
  • Ensuring all Key Performance Indexes are monitored and met within the specified time period
  • Active participation in projects as a contributor by providing input related to production
  • Drive site continuous improvement culture and trust culture

Job Qualifications
  • Minimum bachelor degree holder  
  •  3-6 years working in supply chain or customer service role