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BrightOwl is FREE!

We envision a world that makes it easier for people and companies to find each other. That is why we decided to keep the matchmaking on BrightOwl free.

Candidates can search and check jobs FIND A JOB for free and they can apply on the original websites. In return we ask you to make a profile. These profiles, blinded (without name, phone and email), are available to companies. Only you can accept a contact invite to reveal your contact details.

Companies can freely search and contact blinded profiles FIND A CANDIDATE. If the candidate accepts your invitation you will be able to see the contact details of that person, for a max period of 12 months. This is all free!

The (free) core of BrightOwl

Companies Candidates
Find Candidates
Save Candidates
Contact Candidates
Find Jobs
Save Jobs
Visit Official Job Pages

Payed Upgrades for Companies

As a company, you can choose a job from your website and add the keywords you want it to be found for. When a candidate clicks, (s)he is redirected to the job on your website. Starting from 1€ per click. In your dashboard, you will be able to see how many people viewed it and clicked it.