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Virtual sensing strategies for estimation of joint concept model parameters - Belgium  

KU Leuven (company)


Posted on : 02 June 2017

Project Description

The PhD candidate will work on the development of a methodology that allows a model based virtual sensing of relevant parameters to feed concept models of joints to allow a cheap, yet accurate modelling of assembled structures. The approach will be validated experimentally on three levels, being coupon-, component- and system level, grafted in current-day industrial developments in the field of lightweight structures for automotive and industrial machinery.

All candidates must be fluent in spoken and written English. The R&D is highly multidisciplinary. 
An ideal candidate has an M.Sc. in engineering (e.g. (vibro-)acoustics, solid-mechanics, physics).
  • Knowledge of numerical modelling, programming languages and signal processing is a strong advantage.
  • Candidates get the opportunity to perform this work as part of a PhD study.
  • All members of the network are equal opportunity employers, both female and male candidates are invited to apply.

  • Our  company offers to the selected candidate a stimulating and ambitious research environment which is embedded in the DNA of the region, a premier destination for Health, High-Tech and Creativity and considered an extremely nice place to live and work.
  • To assist Fellows in matters of work permits, visas, living,mobility, housing, our company has the International Admissions Office with dedicated Officers which offers new colleagues HR, Recruitment and Career Management support.