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Vacancy Data Architect Benelux | Business Intelligence | Bayer | Mijdrecht | Diegem | Fulltime  

Posted on : 25 April 2017

Project Description

.pre {white-space: pre-wrap;} Your tasks and responsibilities This might be the longest vacancy text in Bayer s history. The Data Architect job however is so interesting, that a standard text doesn t do it justice, so please bear with us. In this challenging position you will be responsible for defining our Business Intelligence strategy and aligning this with Bayer globally. In order to do this, you will start by going to Leverkusen to learn the Business Intelligence tools and methodology. The project starts for the sales and marketing departments in Mijdrecht (NL) and Diegem (BE) so you will be partially located in both offices. As part of a team of 11 colleagues, you will have the sole responsibility for the new Business Intelligence department. This implicates a lot of freedom in your job and the chance to use your skills and experience to make this a success. The Data Architect Benelux is responsible for: " Setting up contacts with Data analysts from all the Bayer Divisions in the Benelux to collect and structure: Big Data, Financial and Marketing data and other data that has any relation to Business Intelligence. " Setting up contacts with Data analysts from all the Bayer Divisions in the Benelux to collect and structure all existing reports and Applications that have any relation to Business Intelligence. " Working together with all the existing Business partners to learn which needs the Business has to create an Business Intelligence platform (Reports, Dashboards). " Setting up contacts with Global BIAC team (Business Intelligence, Analytics & Controlling). " Analyzing this data + Business requirements and needs from the Business by using ETL to set up a professional data model . " Supporting and challenging the Business to set up a clear vision of data representation in reports and Dashboards. " Your work results in a clear data model that can be given to a Database Architect to set up a SQL Server Database. Major tasks and responsibilities of the Data Architect Benelux " Analyzing requirements and needs. " Setting up Data modeling & Organization of data. " Preparing Designing data Architecture. " Preparing the need of automation of Jobs for Data upload. " Using the ETL methodology. " Analyzing the visualization of requirements and needs. " Modeling of the visualizations. " Detection of weak points and security risks. " Recommendations for improvements. " Standardized solutions aligned with the Bayer Global team in Leverkusen BIAC. Main objectives of the position " Standardized solutions aligned with the Global BIAC strategy implementation of BI solutions and brings efficiency across the Business Units. " The data architect communicates with the business to gather data to filter out the important info to ensure that the quality leads to correct reports. " The data model ensures a clear overview for the Business so that only a correct interpretation of data is set up. " Providing technical expertise in projects to maximize business benefit to the customer. " Using available technology and innovation opportunities to provide the most effective solution. " As a member of the IT-Business Intelligence team, the Data Architect works in the Business Intelligence projects so that the result supports the business processes to decrease workload and costs and reduce the business complexity. Extra information " The focus will be on the Pharma division in the first steps. At a later point in time other divisions will be involved). " In the Netherlands and Belgium there is already an existing data model (SQL). " Person has to find out what the division Strategies are (together with Business Partner from IT for Pharma) and what the divisions want to achieve with their reports. " The Data sources and fields must be stored in a specific environment according to the Bayer global guidelines and tools. " Creating reports and dashboards will be set up in Leverkusen but with input and data knowledge from this person. .pre {white-space: pre-wrap;} Who you are You are ambitious and love to set up new projects. You can keep your head cool, define your own priorities and keep track of all ongoing matters. So you re definitely great at multitasking. Naturally you know how to get people on board with your ideas and have a flair for convincing people. Education: " You have at least a Bachelor degree in IT. Knowledge: " You have a broad knowledge of software & solutions. " You have profound knowledge of ETL. " Furthermore you have profound knowledge of Big data, analyzing data and modeling of data, reports and dashboards (Experience 3-5 years). " Your Dutch and English are excellent. " Over the years you have developed great communication skills and you know how to deal with stress . " You have experience in complex data management (minimum 3 years). " In your job you are able to detect weak points in data modeling. " You are experienced in Scalability assessments and are able to give recommendations for Improvement.

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