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US Dispatch Specialist Sparks United States,  

Becton Dickinson (company)

Posted on : 31 July 2017

Project Description

The Dispatch Specialist is a key resource to enabling a positive customer experience. The main role is to insure the proper coordination between service parts and US Field Service Engineering (FSE) staff is assigned to customers who require an on-site visit to fix an instrument in need of repair. This is done through strong coordination and communication with in-house Engineering staff and other management team members. With 98% of on-site FSE visits requiring the correct service part, it s critical that the Dispatch Specialist properly coordinate the right parts with the right FSE. This is done through a variety of system controls including but not limited to SAP, Service Max, and various on-line logistics tools. Accuracy, speed and business acumen are critical components that will enable success. A breakdown in any of these areas will result in extended instrument down time for customers and negative financial impacts to BD. Each Dispatch Specialist is assigned to a specific US region for which they are responsible for but not limited to FSE trunk replenishments, transfers between FSE s, Forward Stocking Location (FSL) replenishments, FSE trunk management of aged inventory, customer part escalations, managing small parcel access point/drop off locations, and ensuring preventative maintenance (PM) customer schedules are met.

The US Dispatch Specialist is responsible for coordinating and managing all service parts logistics related to customer uptime and FSE support. Dispatch Specialist responsibilities are divided into US regional areas with each region managed by one Regional Service Manager.

The Dispatch Specialist will work closely with the Regional Service Manager in matters of key customer support. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, support decisions requiring two or more FSE s at one site, prioritization between customers, and external (multiple regional) support options. The US Dispatch Specialist will manage this through SAP, Service Max, and UPS on-line systems. Strong due diligence must be adhered to while the Dispatch Specialist is responsible for managing the right balance of inventory for the FSE to be successful. Other than system controls, strong communication and coordination is key while working with the Distribution Center, Forward Stocking Locations, and various Buyer Planners. In this capacity the Dispatch Specialist serves as the main coordinator between in-house supply personnel and required demand for instruments in need of repair.

In addition to supplying the right service parts, the Dispatch Specialist must also coordinate the deployment of tools and resources needed to support the region. The Dispatch Specialist partners with a primary Regional Service Manager to ensure the highest level of customer success and compliance. This is done through strong due diligence in transferring tooling inventory from the Distribution Center to the US Field Engineers. Any errors will have a financial impact with budget reporting implications. Therefore, the Dispatch Specialist must maintain a high level of due diligence when transferring tools and inventory. Once transferred, the Dispatch Specialist will be responsible for providing reports on actual inventory v. system quantities

The Dispatch Specialists will be responsible for weekly audit review(s) of Field Service Engineer trunk stock and replenishment against a Recommended Spare Parts List (RSPL) they will also maintain Forward Stocking Location (FSL) inventory, and track usage from the FSL showing parts movements from shipping to Field Engineer usage and return. Dispatch Specialists are also required to manage the transfer of all service orders and parts amongst Field Service Engineer s. They will be required to create and maintain an age report which allows for follow-up on any non RSPL parts greater than 30 days old in an FSE trunk. This report must be communicated with management team members in an effort to maintain a balance between the right trunk stock levels and financial inventory targets.

Overall, the Dispatch Specialist plays a critical role with insuring customer up-time and maintaining financial inventory targets related to transfers and trunk levels. This position requires strong inventory ownership and accountability while coordinating the end-to-end supply process between purchasing/distribution channels and our FSE s and customers. The main goal of this position is insuring the highest level of customer up-time is provided while being able to manage/balance against financial costs and resource support.
Other duties may be assigned, as required.

Job Description


  • Manage schedules, manage people, and manage inventory
  • Responsible for moving parts accordingly and as deemed necessary
  • Managing the Field Service Engineers schedules based on customer needs
  • Respond to customer down time with a sense of urgency
  • Ensure that workflow moves smoothly day to day using the Service Max dispatch console
  • All service needs must be managed accordingly and prioritized based on sense of urgency


  • Associates Degree in Business or similar experience is required. Bachelor s Degree is preferred
  • Must have the ability to work independently, as well as on a team, with a minimal amount of supervision
  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule to include covering evenings or weekends to support customer demands
  • Strong ability to manage cost control mechanisms, I.E. inventory movements, trunk stock audits, management to stocking levels, field re-balancing techniques
  • Demonstrated ability to keep neat, accurate and complete records and log
  • Proven ability to Multi-task well within a fast moving environment is a must
  • Strong planning skills.


Sparks, Maryland

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