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The tumor suppressive role and biomarker potential of PP2A in Head/Neck Cancer Leuven Belgium,  

Posted on : 23 May 2017

Project Description

ProjectCurrently, we are looking for an ambitious and highly motivated PhD student to work on a translational research project investigating the tumor suppressive role and biomarker potential of PP2A in Head and Neck Cancers (HNSCC). In particular, we will explore how the PP2A status of HNSCC tumors affects their sensitivity to radiotherapy, currently the only therapy with a certain extent of efficiency in this cancer type. For this purpose, we will make use of HNSCC cell models, xenograft models and a library of patient-derived tissues. Phenotypic studies will be complemented with studies aiming to provide molecular insights into the mechanisms of radioresistance or radiosensitization. Results of this PhD project are expected to be useful for more rational set-up of clinical trials, and thus for eventual translation into the clinic. ProfilePrevious experience in cancer cell biology and use of mouse cancer models is a plus, but not a must. A research-minded spirit, ability to work in a team, and above all, a clear motivation for pursuing a PhD in this field, are important selection criteria. Promotor of the project is Prof. Veerle Janssens ( Co-promotor is Prof. Sandra Nuyts ( Full-time PhD position (at least 4 years) in an interdisciplinary environment, with many opportunities for collaboration, both at and outside KU Leuven. Although funding for the project is available, the candidate is expected, and will be internally supported, to apply for independent personal funding by means of an FWO-SB fellowship application.Start date of the position: in light of the preparation for an FWO-SB fellowship, definitely not later than 1st Sept. 2017, preferably earlier.If interested in this position, send a detailed CV, your motivation and at least one reference to More detailed specifics on the project and the funding policy can be obtained here as well.


3000 Leuven Belgium

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