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Technical Service Staff - South Korea  

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Posted on : 13 May 2017

Project Description

Job Description     
  Technical Support Management  
  1. Maintain Service Helpline
    • Ensure call is logged before it is attended 
    • Diagnose technical problem, with the use of troubleshooting flowcharts and error code. 
    • Update of service calls into Baan.   
  2. In-house Technical Support:   
    • Work closely with QC service in-charge, service engineer and customer service/logistic staff to ensure daily requests are met and in accordance to QC procedure. 
    • Maintain the QC procedure master file. 
    • Perform QC service. 
    • Perform in-house service repair. 
    • When needed, refurbish faulty equipment for loan and rental.   
  3. Workshop Supervision:   
    • Ensure all service tools are calibrated. 
    • Keep track of the movement of tools. 
    • Ensure tidiness of workplace.    

Service Documentation Efficiency Management 
  1. FSR Documentation:   
    • Ensure reliability and completeness of FSR submitted.   
  2. Service Log-call Documentation:   
    • Ensure proper closure of service log-call in Baan 
    • Prepare LSR purchase of service parts for TSM/SS for approval 
    • Password requests for MPA s/w and Imaging s/w   
  3. ICCR Documentation:   
    • Laisse with requestor and TAS on raising and tracking of ICCR      

Customer Service Management 
  • Good communication skill in dealing with difficult end-user. 
  • Maintain good inter-department understanding. 
  • Perform the survey  

Technical Service Implementation Capability 
  • Sound technical knowledge to interpret technical problem; able to understand what is the problem end-user is facing. 
  • Logical and systematic problem solving ability. 
  • Technical Support over Phone: Screen Service calls on Toll free line and provide first level service support to customer. 
  • Manage relationships with key customers. 
  • Ensure that the company commitment to customer satisfaction is achieved and constantly improved.Technical Service Staff, Korea                     

Required Skills    
  • Able to work independently and pro-actively provide feedback. 
  • Sound technical knowledge in electronics troubleshooting. 
  • Excellent customer handling skills over phone. 
  • Maintain balanced approach under stressed situations. 
  • Good organization and documentation skills       

Required Experience 
  • Bachelor degree in Electronics/Biomedical Engineering (Laboratory Instrumentation and/or Diagnostics Instrumentation)