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Staff Scientist: Mass Spectrometry Data Analyst Leuven Belgium,  

Posted on : 19 June 2017

Project Description

The laboratory of Professor Peter Carmeliet (part of the Center for Cancer Biology, CCB) is one of the research departments of VIB (Vlaams Instituut Biotechnologie) located at the KU Leuven  Campus Gasthuisberg. The lab is focusing on the development of blood vessels (angiogenesis) and vascular metabolism, and consists of 20 plus junior researchers. The lab is seeking a dynamic, highly motivated and experienced Staff Scientist to contribute to the state-of-the-art analysis of cellular metabolic pathways by applying and developing metabolic tracer studies (using stable isotope-labeled tracers) combined with gas and liquid based mass spectrometry(GC-/LC-MS). The focus of the lab is to characterize the role of metabolism during the process of angiogenesis in health and disease in order to identify novel therapeutic applications. Under the supervision of Prof. Carmeliet, a team is currently set-up to analyze omics-data with bioinformatics tools and to provide a link between mass spectrometry related data analyses (metabolomics, proteomics), next-generation sequencing (RNA-sequencing, genomics including single-cell analyses) and endothelial cell biology. To complement this team, we are seeking a (senior) biochemist (postdoc level with relevant years of experience) with a focus on development and implementation of metabolic phenotyping/metabolomics to address specific research questions and data acquisition applying advanced mass spectrometry platforms. The candidate will collaborate extensively with leading-edge researchers and bioinformaticians and will support researchers to understand better the metabolic changes occurring during angiogenesis in health and disease. Job description You are responsible for: Working independently to analyze mass spectrometry (GC-/LC-MS) data and to complement a team of bioinformaticians, under supervision of Prof. Carmeliet Adapting and developing MS technologies for the identification and quantification of metabolites from biological tissues, cells and fluids and tailoring these towards specific research questions Assisting group leaders and scientists in data analysis and interpretation of the data Organizing weekly team meetings to update your research results Senior Scientific Leuven Your online application


Leuven Belgium

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