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Software Engineering in a DevOps context - Belgium  

KU Leuven (company)


Posted on : 18 May 2017

Project Description

DevOps, continuous development, integration and deployment; these and other trends make software development practices increasingly agile, which seemingly clashes with principles of quality-by-design (e.g. Privacy by Design as dictated by the recent EU regulation on Privacy, the GDPR). We currently focus on a number of related research challenges, including:
  • Empirical software engineering: software and project metrics of relevance in a DevOps context and support for the systematic gathering of these,
  • On-line testing (e.g. AB testing, regression testing) and test automation,
  • Container and configuration management systems for automated deployment, 
  • Dynamic software updates (DSU) and continuous evolution,
  • Dynamic Software product lines for systematic management of run-time customization complexity,
  • (Re-)modularization of software and architectural reconstruction.

If you share our strong interest in software engineering research and distributed systems and if you have
  • a master in computer science (or equivalent),
  • an analytical mind and technically skilled,
  • optionally some industry experience,
  • and fluent English communication skills,

  • a supportive and collaborative team in which you can develop know-how and expertise in state-of-the-art technologies,
  • the opportunity to build up research and innovation skills that are essential for a future career in industrial as well as academic research and development environments,
  • support in the further development of your competences to analyze strategic research problems and to architect and evaluate innovative solutions with industrial applicability,
  • an international and multicultural working environment at the  High Tech Campus.
  • This position is open for junior and senior researchers, including Project Collaborators, PhD students and Post-docs. 
  • This research position can definitely lead to a PhD trajectory in computer science, but this is not a mandatory track for candidates interested to apply for this position.