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Software Engineer - Simulation and Modelling - United Kingdom  

HORIBA Mira (company)


Posted on : 09 May 2017

Project Description

  • Our company  is a global provider of pioneering engineering, research and test services to the automotive, defense, aerospace and rail sectors. 
  • We work in close collaboration with vehicle manufacturers and suppliers around the world, providing comprehensive support ranging from individual product tests to turnkey engineering design, development and build programmes. 
  • With over 70 years’ experience in developing some of the world’s most iconic vehicles, our engineers utilise the latest test facilities and simulation tools to make vehicles and journeys safer, cleaner, more efficient and rewarding. 
  • The new position is to support continued growth of the CAV (Connected Autonomous Vehicles) Software Simulations and Modelling team. 
  • The primary role within the team is:
    • Software development for the integration of existing automotive-related simulation packages into prototypes for proof-of-concept and demonstrator systems. 
    • Plugins development for existing automotive-related simulation packages to implement additional features and tailor the simulator for CAV related analysis. 

Essential experience for this role would include: 
  • C++ development. 
  • Linux environment: proficiency as a user and developer; system and C++ development tool chain setup, configuration and utilisation. 
  • Windows environment: knowledge, as a user and developer, of the system and development tool chain setup, configuration and utilisation. 
  • Communications and networks technologies: use of standard network protocols and inter-process communication mechanisms.  

Desirable experience for this role would include: 
  • Linux embedded system development. 
  • Windows DLL development and utilisation. 
  • Windows COM interface development. 
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Dev. environment 
  • C#. 
  • Python. 
  • Java. 
  • Traffic simulation – e.g. PTV, Aimsun. 
  • Vehicle simulation – e.g. ADAMS, Carmaker, dSPACE. 
  • 3D and Gaming technologies – e.g. Unity. 
  • General simulations – e.g. Simulink, NI. 
  • Communications technologies simulation – e.g. OmNet, ns-3 
  • High-level motion control for autonomous robots – e.g. SLAM, path planning, motion optimisation. 
  • IT network setup and configuration – e.g. understanding of the OSI layers and how the different hardware components and software stacks relates to them. 
  • Application development using Qt. 

Essential skills for this role would include: 
  • Core software development of stand-alone applications. 
  • Core software development of plugins for third-party packages. 
  • Research driven proof-of-concept and prototypes development. 
  • Software integration. 
  • System and process documentation. 
  • Concept and development documentation. 

Essential qualifications for this role would include: 
  • Good Engineering/ Sciences degree with significant software development content.  

Desirable qualifications for this role would include: 
  • Higher degree (relevant MSc, Eng. D or Ph.D.) 

Other information
  • Linux and C++ experience is a must. 
  • The candidate will become member of a software development team with individual and team-level responsibilities, requiring the ability to work alone on some areas of the project but also collaboratively as part of the team. 
  • Connected and autonomous vehicles, their assessment as a whole and at components level, their design and verification and their associated technologies are all part of the main focus of the CAV department. 
  • Have a full UK driving license.