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Software Development – High School Summer Intern - United States  

Dupont Biosciences (company)


Posted on : 04 April 2017

Project Description

Job Description
  • As the research & development organization in our company Industrial Bio sciences, we work with a lot of large data sets generated from various processes.
  •  In order to efficiently deal with such large data sets, we look to develop and use best in class software solutions to help improve our productivity. 
  • We look for individuals with good computer science background who will think independently and come up creative solutions.
  • We are looking for an eager-to-learn High School student to help us with software development projects. 
  • The projects and tasks will require in depth thought, logic and good coding experience. Students will learn about the research processes that generate large data-sets and interact with the research teams to understand the requirements for storing, analyzing and visualizing these large data sets. 
  • They will work with other team members to design and implement a software solution to satisfy those requirements.

Job Qualifications
Requirements Include: 
  •  Must be enrolled as a full-time High School student during Fall 2017 
  •  Proficiency in at least one programming language (Python, Perl, Java, etc.) 
  •  Basic understanding of relational database structure 
  •  Familiarity with Linux OS is highly desirable. 
  •  Good oral and written communication skills 
  •  Understanding of biology and/or chemistry would be beneficial.