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Senior Scientist for pre-clinical analytical method development - Netherlands  

Synthon (company)


Posted on : 20 March 2017

Project Description

About Us:
  • Our company is an international pharmaceutical company, and a leader in the field of generic human medicines.
  • Our company has been working in biotechnology since 2007 and is developing rapidly into a specialty pharmaceutical company. 
  • Our mission is to make health care more affordable, increasing access to important medicines through the provision of high quality generics and new biological and chemical entities - specifically in the therapeutic areas of oncology and autoimmune diseases. 
  • Currently our products are approved by regulatory agencies in more than 90 countries and marketed through strategic partnerships and – in dedicated areas – through direct sales.
  • Our company has affiliates in eight other countries. In 2016 it recorded a turnover of EUR  258 million. 
  • We are interested in result-oriented people with a sharp mind and entrepreneurial spirit, who can contribute to what we do best: delivering affordable medicines to those in need.

Job Profile
  • As a senior scientist, you are primarily responsible for the development of analytical methods to study the biotransformation of biopharmaceuticals and to develop PK assays. 
  • These newly set-up methods will be applied to solve highly complex analytical challenges in support of (pre-)clinical studies, e.g. PK, metabolite ID. 
  • To enable that, you have knowledge of state-of-the-art techniques, primarily MS based, in analytical method development and ongoing new developments within that field. 
  • You are able to judge which new developments and/or techniques should be implemented, and also to successfully direct that implementation. 
  • Most of the work will be carried out in R&D, however, you are also (co-)responsible for the transfer of some of these bio-analytical R&D methods to an (external) GLP/GCP environment.
  • Regulatory requirements should be guiding method development. 
  • You are able to work independently and communicate all key issues in a coherent and concise way to key stakeholders. 
  • Finally, you will be responsible for coaching co-workers and report writing, but you should especially aspire working at the bench.

Your profile
  •  A bio-analytical life sciences education (at least a master’s degree, preferably a doctorate)
  •  Preferably experience in a comparable position and/or work environment
  •  Hands-on experience with (pre-)clinical analytical development of chromatographic methods, mostly in combination with state-of-the-art mass spectrometry
  •  Hands-on experience using MS to identify and/or quantify compounds in complex biological matrices, like plasma 
  •  Preferably experience with the analysis of biologicals such as monoclonal antibodies and conjugates (and possibly small molecules), and the mechanisms underlying the biotransformation of these compounds in vivo
  •  Excellent command of the English language
  •  Basic knowledge of regulatory requirements for the development of bio-analytical methods.

In interviews you will be able to demonstrate that:
  • You can work independently with regard to your scientific tasks, but you are also able to co-operate on all other aspects in your research activities. 
  • You have to be able to go out of your comfort zone on a scientific level. 
  • You are able to coach people and transfer your knowledge to others which means you are both a team player and a mentor. 
  • Your communication skills are excellent, you are flexible and motivated, you work hard and are willing to take over work from others.