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Senior. Sales Force Effectiveness Manager - China  

Lilly (company)

Posted on : 22 October 2017

Project Description

Senior. Sales Force Effectiveness Manager
BE will perform as a CHANGE AGENT Leading Commercial Excellence and facilitating the process to Evolve Business Model. BE will Lead Commercial Strategic Planning in each TA in order to optimize the Settings around the Customer Facing Task Force helping Lilly China to achieve sustainable and tangible Productivity Gains. In order to achieve this goal, BE will become the internal experts by mastering three Key Strategic Tasks such as : Opportunity Sizing in the Chinese Pharma Market, Lilly Resources Allocation and Deployment, Tracking Customer Facing Execution and Measuring KPI on Performance and Productivity Outcomes. Deliverables Examples : Forecasting Model, Balance Score Card ( KPIs’ Standards and Goal Settings ) … etc.
•BE will act as and BUSINESS PARTNER with Business Leaders ( NSD / GBM ) and providing Business Insights and recommendation to ELCEC members to Maximize Lilly Assets ( People, Brands and Budget ) and Increase Efficiency at the Operational Level. In order to achieve this goal, BE will be responsible to run Internal and External Assessments to Identify Internal GAPs in terms of Capabilities / Resources. Deliverables Examples : SFE Dashboard, Resources Elasticity Model … etc
•BE will behave as a KEY ENABLER to Grow on Internal Capabilities. In order to achieve this goal BE will partner with other internal functions ( IT, MR and Operations ) as well as vendors ( Consultancy Firms and Data Providers ) to develop solutions to facilitate internal growing capability processes and make better and faster Decision on a Daily Operations such as Deliverables Examples : Guidance for Territory Design, Criteria for Regional Quota Allocation, Tools Regional Business Review, … etc.
•BE will CHAMPION Commercialization Efforts: Responsible for taking the lead in developing and executing projects that result in commercialization excellence. The project should be strategic planning focused so that Sr. BE Manager provides solutions to anticipate and react the environmental changes. Deliverable Examples: 2012 Productivity Project (sales force sizing and retargeting), SF incentive plan, KA incentive plan, deployment in new product launch, etc.
•STRATEGIC Thinking ( Foresight ) : Put BZ Strategies & Operation together in a LT View. While Develop and Execute Plans that Anticipate and React towards the Changes in Business Environment
•INFLUENCE Ability ( Strong Leadership Skills ) : Cross-functional and Upwards Influence Ability in both formal and informal channels ( Interpersonal Skills )
•LEARNING Agility : Gain business understanding and adapt to changes swiftly
•ANALYTICAL Skills : Strong analytical capacity and External Focus to deal with complex and ambiguous problems.
•COACHING Skills: Able to coach and develop BE Associate ( Experience in people management is a plus )