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Senior Research Associate - United States  

Dupont Biosciences (company)

Posted on : 10 April 2017

Project Description

Job Description

Supports research activity by assisting in planning and effectively conducting experiments; recording, quality checking, analyzing and interpreting data.  Ensures effective data utilization of experiments at all cooperating field locations.  Key activities and responsibilities include:

  • Development and improvement of Parent Test databases
  • Facilitating transition to data visualization directly from Pioneer data warehouse
  • Supporting information delivery of inbred characteristics and information to IO inside and outside of North America
  • Support execution and improvement of digital image capture, data analysis and data mining for inbred evaluation at stages of inbred development as data acquisition technologies advance
  • Manage Parent Test data, files, images, and databases for data collection, manipulation, and reporting for seed yield calculations, hybrid advancement, hybrid production and information delivery to IO Agronomists

Execute research to evaluate producability and best management practices of inbred


  • Develops improved systems for PT project data management                                                  
  • Develops and enhances data visualization systems to support comprehensive interpretation efforts of project scientists
  • Supports data flow and management in and out of data warehouse across global PT
  • Supports quality assessment of inbred data across regions and ensures suppression of poor quality data
  • Supports structuring and maintenance of repositories of regionally specific data and recommendations for IO
  • Develops and conducts information quality assurance to ensure timely, appropriate knowledge is accurately transferred to IO
  • Develops and maintains system to improve access and use of IO seed quality data to foster understanding and interpretation of seed quality issues for research
  • Assists Parent Test with information delivery for Hybrid Advancement                                     
  • Gathers, organizes, analyzes and interprets data and observations from IMPACTÒ seed production, Parent Seed production (IO) and NA hybrid seed production (IO)
  • Communicates with IO personnel to ensure data / observations are collected, curated and reported in a timely manner
  • Stages information for PT scientists and other Research, IO and Commercial Unit personnel as needed in support of hybrid advancement
  • Assists Parent Test with information delivery for world-wide seed production                            
  • Organizes and manages files and databases for delivering data to support IO
  • Communicates with IO personnel to ensure timely and effective delivery
  • Coordinate Parent Test data extraction and cataloging of IO production data and experience
  • Conducts and coordinates data extraction from inbred images and evolving digital platforms    
  • Supports the development and ongoing improvement of inbred image/data capture and analysis systems including advancements in the FTIO space
  • Manages images and systems for data processing
  • Processes, catalogs and disseminates captured images and reviews raw data
  • Analyzes data, extracts information and maintains files to support research scientists for inbred development and hybrid advancement                                                                              
  • Accountable for assuring all employees follow procedures and protocols including safety, germplasm security, phytosanitation, and regulatory requirements while adhering to our core values
  • May recruit, hire, orient, supervise, and evaluate employee performance
  • May organize and supervise work of other employees
  • May serve on teams appropriate to specific research project lines in seed production

Job Qualifications

B.S. in agriculture or scientific related field plus 5-7 years industry related experience required.  Master’s degree with 2-3 years industry related experience preferred

Demonstrated excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Excellent computer skills including MS Access, Excel, SpotFire and SAS. Must have aptitude to learn PRISM and various database systems

Must be able to work independently with limited supervision

May be required to do physical lifting and work in varying ergonomic environments

DuPont Pioneer ( headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, is the world’s leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, providing high-quality seeds to farmers in more than 90 countries. DuPont Pioneer provides agronomic support and services to help increase farmer productivity and profitability and strives to develop sustainable agricultural systems for people everywhere. Science with Service Delivering Success™.