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Senior bioinformatician in Cancer Genomics - Sweden  

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Posted on : 28 May 2017

Project Description

  • The Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB) is among the largest departments of epidemiology in Europe with special focus on increasing our knowledge of the aetiology of different diseases. 
  • Our department consists of researchers, doctoral students, biostatisticians, data collectors and database administrators as well as administrative personnel, in total some 250 staff. 

Research Group 
  • The research group of Cancer Genomics has a translational focus, with the goal to pursue clinically relevant research questions. 
  • The division is currently conducting large studies in prostate cancer where genomic profiling is used to address tumor grading, prognostication at diagnosis and optimizing treatment in the metastatic setting. 
  • The research group is currently responsible for targeted sequencing in a clinical trial, where the tumor profile is used for randomization of colorectal cancer patients. 
  • During 2017, the division will also enable live profiling of circulating tumor DNA in metastatic prostate cancer in a clinical trial setting. 
  • The Cancer Genomics group is part of a larger research environment with 20-25 persons focused on different aspects of prostate cancer.   

  •  The candidate bioinformatician will work within a core team consisting of four lab engineers, two currently employed bioinformaticians and one cancer researcher with a supervisory role. 
  • The currently employed bioinformaticians consists of one MSc performing routine analysis and one experienced PhD working with pipeline development in a cluster environment. 
  • The candidate will complement the current informatics staff by heading the algorithmic development to enable robust identification of e.g. copy-number alterations or small somatic point mutations. 
  • The bioinformatician is expected to continuously read and discuss scientific publications to ensure the high quality of the analysis pipeline.   

Entry requirements  
  • A person is eligible if he or she has a PhD and has performed a Postdoc. 
  • The PhD and the Postdoc must have been performed in a relevant subject area such as cancer genomics.   

Bases of assessment 
  • We stress experience of algorithmic development when assessing applicants. 
  • Cancer genomics publications as first or last author is qualifying. 
  • Experience of analysis of processed sequencing data to identify e.g. ploidy or copy-number alterations, is also advantageous. 
  • Programming is conducted in BASH, R, Python, Perl and Java.
  •  Experience from working in a Unix/Linux cluster environment is required.