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Scientist Analytical Assays - United States  

BATAVIA Biosciences (company)


Posted on : 12 April 2017

Project Description

  • We are looking for an Analytical (Assays) Scientist with experience in assay development and analytical testing for our R&D department, MA and additional work in the Netherlands. 
  • You will be responsible for day to day laboratory operations within client and in-house projects, using a variety of assay methods, analytical systems and processes.
  •  You will be involved in designing studies, optimizing methodology, as well as, contributing to proposals, protocols and reports.   
  • The selected candidate will join a stimulating group of international researchers in a very collaborative environment.
  •  As part of this group, personal as well as scientific growth are encouraged and developed. 
  • 4 or more years of experience in analytical technologies and cell culture with a some background or education in purification; 
  • Research, process development or production experience in a biotechnology or biopharmaceutical industry environment. GMP experience is preferred; 
  • Experience with a wide variety of analytical methods used in the biotechnology industry (for both cells and proteins); 
  • Proven skill with biomolecule analytical method development and routine testing. 
  • Experience cell-based activity and viral titer assays is ideal; 
  • A Graduate degree (or BSc with extensive relevant experience) in life science biotechnology, biochemical engineering or relate field.  

Specific analytical skills being sought include: 
  • SDS-PAGE, Western Blot, and IEF 
  • ELISA, enzyme activity assays, and Cytokine assays 
  • Spectrophotometric test methods 
  • FACS and Fluorescence focus infectivity assays 
  • Cell culture, virus culture and virus plaque assays 
  • Cell culture in T-flasks, micro carriers, and (small) spinner flasks  

In the interviews it will be clear that: 
  • You are enthusiastic and comfortable in a dynamic environment; 
  • You are capable of working independently and participating with the team; 
  • You have excellent communication and documentation skills; 
  • You enjoy and are capable of complex troubleshooting/problem solving; 
  • You are capable of keeping meticulous track of experimental data and results in lab notebooks, have an understanding of the necessary work and are able to meet deadlines; 
  • You can work under pressure and do not have a 9 till 5 mentality; 
  • You enjoy both hands-on, theoretical work and developing/investigating new technologies.