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Safety Co-ordinator Chatham-Kent Canada,  

Dupont Biosciences (company)

Posted on : 21 March 2017

Project Description

Job Description
  • Our company  is currently seeking a Safety Coordinator.
  • In this role, you will provide direction, support, and consultation to location regarding safety, health and environmental issues.
  •  Interpret and provide information on laws, regulations, and company policies and procedures. 
  • Administer safety programs, conduct employee training and complete risk management assessments in the areas of safety, occupational health, and hazardous waste management.
  •  Support location in record-keeping of Occupational Safety & Health programs.

  • Safety/Loss Prevention: Review, interpret and implement the Pioneer safety, loss prevention and occupational health programs for compliance with applicable local and regional safety, health and environment regulations. Develop and implement site specific safety policies/programs.
  •  Review facility operations and consult with Risk Management, site safety committee, safety, health and environment networks and employees to identify unsafe working conditions and develop appropriate controls or alternatives. Member of the location management team aiding in interpretation and implementation of all facets of risk management work.
  •  Provide safety, health and environment energy  to the location, demonstrated by frequent and consistent communication about the importance of safety & risk management efforts.
  • Industrial Hygiene Support: Develop, support, implement and perform industrial hygiene sampling and record keeping strategies for the location with Risk Management direction. 
  • Audit location through the performance of safety and health surveys and environmental monitoring using industrial hygiene instruments to ensure employee safety and health (examples include air monitoring for gases, vapors and dusts and noise monitoring.)

Safety Training: 
  • Determine safety training needs and requirements for the location. 
  • Lead the training, communication and education efforts, with enthusiasm, energy and believability in what you are training. 
  • Develop and implement training programs for employees on a variety of safety subjects, including occupational safety and health, fire protection, etc. record regulations.
  • Incident Investigation and Safety Audits: First point of contact should an incident occur at the location.
  •  Coordinate effort with site manager to ensure proper reporting, incident investigation and follow-up.
  •  Coordinate 1st party audit process at location and be a member of the Risk Management second party audit process.
  • Regulatory Compliance Management & Consulting: 
  • Review and become familiar with safety, health & environmental regulations, as well as related regulations (transportation) to provide knowledgeable consultation to the location. 
  • Communicate and transfer knowledge to the location and /or business on a frequent basis.

Job Qualifications
Education and Experience:
  •  Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience required. 
  • Minimum of 2-4 years on-the-job or related agricultural and/or safety experience. 
  • Equivalent relevant experience and education will be considered. 

  • Finger dexterity for using keyboard. Must be able to operate specialized safety equipment and alarms, plus access and audit a wide variety of safety conditions including elevated areas, crawl spaces, machinery safety, etc.
  •  Primarily in a production office setting with regular interaction taking place in a high traffic & activity plant/warehouse area, plus visits to field locations.
  •  High workload with long hours and weekend work during seasonal peaks. Occasional travel within the region. 
  • Key person ensuring safety programs and guidelines are understood and reinforced. 
  • Involves training, coaching, and leading others. Creativity is needed to keep materials interesting and fresh. 
  • High attention to detail is needed to maintain awareness of existing and proposed safety codes/regulations and company guidelines plus maintain and analyze appropriate data. 
  • Must be proactive as well as solve problems and make decisions in time sensitive conditions. 

Technical Competencies:
  • Program Management & Training: Thorough understanding of record keeping requirements, incident reporting, incident investigation, and time frames for each program.
  • Workplace Safety: Knowledge of First Aid, CPR, and AED skills and certification; Thorough knowledge of safety regulations. 
  • Occupational Health: Thorough knowledge of basic industrial hygiene and occupational health hazards and regulations. 
  • Fire Prevention & Response: Understanding of fire codes, standards, and regulations. (fire detection & alarm system testing and maintenance, flammable liquid storage, hot work permits, 
  • Environmental: Awareness of applicable environmental policies, standards, guidelines, regulations, and local requirements. (spill containment, facility waste stream & disposal requirements, 


Canada Ontario Chatham

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