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Research Scientist, Native Trait Discovery Group (PhD) Johnston United States,  

Dupont Biosciences (company)

Posted on : 04 April 2017

Project Description

Job Description
  • The Research Scientist (RS) will serve as an integral member of a research team focused on gene identification, validation and gene optimization for delivery into commercial products.
  •  The RS will collaborate closely with members of the Native Trait Discovery group as well as with members of other groups, such as e.g. Data Science & Informatics, Genomics, Breeding and Global Marker Technology, to identify key candidate genes and genome editing variants for specific traits of commercial interest in maize as well as other crops. 
  • The approach will require ability to work at the interface of genetics, genomics and biology in order to find genes of interest, interpret their potential biological roles and design strategies towards product development. 
  • The RS will lead all phases of execution, data collection, and data analysis of laboratory and field experiments designed to meet research objectives of the group. 

  •  Provide scientific leadership and creativity when developing strategies for gene discovery and optimization. 
  • Combine computational biology/functional genomics information with genetic approaches to uncover causative variations and alleles of interest and to identify genome editing opportunities for agronomic traits of interest in maize and other crops 
  •  Analyses of large data sets (genotypic, sequence and phenotypic data) and data mining from both in-house and public domain information to support projects. 
  • Design and execute experiments to begin to understand the effect of causative variations on specific phenotypes in the context of commercial germplasm. 
  • Manage experiments and data collection in a timely manner. Compile and critically analyze experimental data. Communicate results with project teams and stakeholders to make appropriate decisions about project direction. 
  • Monitor research progress and ensure that support resources are sufficient to meet research projects goals. 
  • Remain at the cutting-edge on technical and biological advancements by participating in professional meetings, career development activities and by encouraging others to bring information into research activities. 
  • Ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams to complete experiments and meet goals in a timely manner. 
  • Follow the safety and record keeping rules as per Pioneer s policy. 

Job Qualifications
PhD degree in computational biology/functional genomics, molecular biology, genetics or related scientific field. Experience with computational analysis of large data sets preferred. Two to four years of industry related experience preferred.

  • Demonstrated strong understanding of plant molecular genetics as well as skilled in using computational biology, functional genomics, bioinformatics and statistical analysis. 
  •  Ability to generate scripts and code to create new data analysis pipelines is desirable. 
  •  Excellent understanding of information management needs as they relate to analysis of large data sets containing genotypic, phenotypic or sequence information. Experienced with software applications for Marker Trait Association and sequence analyses. 
  •  Effective communication with a variety of audiences. Excellent writing, organizational and interpersonal skills. 
  •  Must be self-motivated and able to lead and progress scientific projects from inception to completion in a timely manner. 
  •  Demonstrated competency to effectively prioritize projects, manage multiple project deadlines and allocate resources accordingly. 
  •  Ability to work both independently and contribute significantly as a team member. 


USA IA Johnston

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