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Research Nurse Home Care Hoevelaken Netherlands, Losser Netherlands,  

Posted on : 05 May 2017

Project Description

  • our company's  research Nurses understand that a study patient requires a slightly different approach than an ordinary patient. 
  • the patient s safety and protection are of the utmost importance. the research Nurses will report any side effect in accordance with the science)" rel="nofollow">Protocol s requirements.
  • the research Nurses have knowledge of the Informed Consent procedure in clinical studies and will inform the Researcher immediately if a patient has questions or doubts about the trial. they will also no longer perform study-specific actions after a patient has withdrawn his consent.
  • the research Nurses are trained in ich-gcp. improvements to study-specific documents will therefore be made according to ich-gcp.
  • the research Nurses perform tasks of a clinical study delegated by the Researcher inaccordance with the science)" rel="nofollow">Protocol by means of standard operating procedures and/or work regulations, safeguarding the quality of the collected study data.
  •  digressions from science)" rel="nofollow">Protocolwill immediately be reported to the Researcher
  • company research Nurses can be deployed flexibly, are experienced big-registered Nurses and have a good written and spoken command of dutch and English.
  • they maintain good relationships with the Researcher, country study managers and patients.
  • our research Nurses visit patients at home. 
  • recruitment of patients with a rare indication or who are difficult to recruit or who have difficulty going to a research center, can still be included in a study. 
  • company research Nurses have that little bit of extra opportunity or time to level with the patient at a personal level, which may prevent premature drop-out.

main tasks/skills (dependent on study)
  • Nurse (big registration)
  • performing study-specific tasks according to science)" rel="nofollow">Protocol
  • administering drugs
  • blood Sampling (independently), experience with centrifugation
  • basic life support/ up-to- date resuscitation Training
  • collecting study data
  • communicating with Researcher and patients
  • written and spoken command of dutch and English
  • willing to see patient at research institute
  • preferably some experience in Clinical research
  • preferably trained in ich-gcp
  • available (flexibly) at short notice
  • preferably in possession of a car and driving license b

terms of employment
our company  offers excellent terms of employment and a pleasant working environment.


3871 MV Hoevelaken Netherlands7581 CJ Losser Netherlands

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