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Research fellow position for a maritime engineer - Belgium  

Ghent University (company)

Posted on : 08 March 2017

Project Description

  •  Oceans and seas are of great economic and ecologic importance for the human society. 
  • They are not only used for transport, but also as a source of energy, materials and food. 
  • With respect to the latter, aquaculture is of growing importance. 
  • For countries with a short coastline, such as Belgium, the available sea area is limited, so that economic activities need to be combined in an optimal way.
  •  A considerable fraction of the Belgian part of the North Sea is reserved for wind energy production. 
  • The research project started with the objective to investigate the feasibility of cultivating mussels in two wind energy parks.
  •  Two so-called long-lines will be installed to study both biological and technical aspects of this type of aquaculture plants. 
  • The project, which is supported by Belgian private companies and scientific organisations, is coordinated by the Bioscience Engineering Faculty of our University. 
  • The Maritime Technology Division is supporting the project with respect to the engineering aspects, and has an important task to develop a mathematical model to investigate the loads on and the movement of a mussel cultivation line under the influence of waves and tidal currents.
  •  This will lead to the design of an optimized prototype which can act as a base for further commercial exploitation. 

  • Your task is, as a member of the Maritime Technology Division staff, to develop and program a mathematical model which allows to study the behavior of an anchored long-line in rough sea conditions, analyse the measured data obtained from the test lines, follow up model tank experiments to enhance the mathematical model and design an optimal prototype for the Belgian part of the North Sea. 
  • Depending on priorities within the research projects of the Maritime Technology Division, you may also be involved in other tasks, which are mainly linked to ship behavior in shallow and confined water.

Profile of the candidate 

We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic engineer with maritime background, with the following skills and competences:  
  • Candidates should be well qualified academically to masters level with maritime background. 
  • The project will require a mix of skills, including mathematical modelling, programming, simulation skills and practical engineering aspects. 
  • Involvement in experimental testing in a towing tank or flume is expected as well; 
  • Candidates must have excellent written and oral communication skills. 
  • Due to the complex structure of the project consortium which consists of groups with quite varying professional background, communication skills are of high importance; 
  • Candidates must be flexible, responsible and team workers; 
  • Candidates must be proficient in English. 
  • Knowledge of Dutch is convenient, but not a requirement; 
  • Programming expertise (preferably in Matlab and Fortran95 ) is highly required; 
  • Prior experience in data analysis and related statistics using appropriate software tools is considered as an advantage  

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