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Regulatory Data Governance Data Analyst - United States  

Aequor Technologies (company)

Posted on : 22 December 2017

Project Description

Regulatory Data Governance Data Analyst
This role will support the preparation of data and metadata content for analysis by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for development of harmonized data formats and controlled lists (picklists, vocabularies) specifications for new target GRA Regulatory Information Management tool. Responsibilities include extraction of controlled vocabularies (data dictionaries) from the Regulatory Agencies (FDA/NCI, EMAs OMS/RMS), ROW as applicable), and Industry Standards Organizations, as well as from internal to-be legacy systems (SHARE, DOMASYS, CRYSTAL, RWS, RAeDocs, etc). This role will then provide pre-analysis of extracted content by merging and initial mapping with the output to be used for further evaluation and analysis by internal SMEs. This role also to support the generation of queries and data profiling from source (to-be legacy) systems to support data quality analysis, and mapping of data from source to target. This role works under the oversight and supports the Head of Data Definitions, Standards and Governance (DDSD) in the Regulatory Operations Organization, but should also be proactive in identifying and evaluating data quality issues and communicating these to the Data Governance Team.

Skills: Experience with data extraction, merging, profiling and data analysis. Experience with merging using SQL or Excel preferred (other tools considered). Experience with Regulatory data a must. Good communication skills.

Bachelor of Science degree, preferably in technical area.