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Project Manager and Consultant Bangkok Thailand,  

Dupont Biosciences (company)

Posted on : 26 December 2016

Project Description

Position Summary (Role) :
  • Manage detailed planning, organizing and tactical performance of project scoping and delivery to achieve high quality, high value, timely and cost effective services delivered to external clients.  
  • Assists Business Development Managers in defining project scope and execution plans, including the development of performance targets, project management plans, cost estimates, and other issues both during and after the business development process.

Principle Activities (Responsibilities) related to general DSS PM role:
  •  Managing Client Relationship. To build and maintain strong, trusting client relationships at the top management, middle management and professional level.  
  • Key client focal point throughout the project or specific stages of a larger program. 
  •  Define and pursue opportunities for additional revenue generation. 
  •  Pre-Contract Activities. Assist in the sale of large projects. Develop overall project and scope of work. 
  • Define resource needs, timing and budget.  
  •  Project Activities. Direct all resources involved in the project. Manage difficult people performance issues (ICDR's and FSE) in a timely, constructive and effective manner. Manage all aspects of implementation: 
    •   project plan vs schedule, 
    •   quality of project execution and delivery including driving for project execution outcome and managing client s perception,
    •   deliver some parts of the content to client with other project team members 
    •   product customization / tailoring, 
    •  sequence of seminars, workshops and training,
    •   periodic client status reports,
    •   recognize, manage and properly bill change of scope and 
    •   project closing (internal and external). 
  •  Measures & Monitor. Performance review periodically and check for the customer s satisfaction. 
  • Work out the success story and recognize the best practices. 
  • Written the projects closeout & learning point.  
  •  Prepare Materials & Delivery. 
  • Work together with Project Team for the material design & localize the material. 
  • Work with Client Support Team in ensuring preparation of the right materials for the right clients and on-time delivery.  
  •  Financial and Administration. 
  • Track cost vs budget and billable vs non-billable. 
  • Review / authorize client billable items.  
  •  Traveling 45%- 70% depending on client base. 
  •  When needed, this resource will also be deployed as a consultant.

Job Qualifications
Education/Experience/ Technical competencies :


Thailand Bangkok Bangkok

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