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Program Leader to Sr. Director, Bioinformatics - United States  

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Posted on : 24 June 2017

Project Description

  • Our company  is committed to making a difference in the lives of patients through scientific discovery. 
  • Rigorous science is at the core of everything we do to discover, develop and deliver novel medicines that will meet serious unmet medical needs in oncology and other diseases. 
  • Translational Sciences at our company has been established to bridge the research findings at the Discovery and Development levels within each of our clinical programs.
  •  In collaboration with academic, clinical and industrial scientists, this group utilizes the knowledge that has been developed around each of our existing programs to examine patient samples from human studies to validate specific target modulation, to identify biological changes that correlate with target modulation as well as study patient characteristics that could be utilized to predict response to therapy.
  •  The results are used to enrich and refine the Development program strategy as well as inform and guide future Discovery efforts.
  • The Translational Sciences group at our company  is seeking an individual with an MD or PhD degree, or with equivalent experience, and 5 -15 years of scientific training and experience in the fields of medicine, cell biology, immunology, molecular biology, or bioinformatics with particular expertise to develop methods and identify software tools for working with the program leads within Translational Sciences to analyze complex biological data sets from different translational platforms.
  • Our company is focused on developing targeted therapies and immune-oncology agents for cancer, and the individual will be responsible for developing novel bio-marker strategies for use in human clinical studies.
  •  The individual will also have the opportunity to explore new technology platforms in collaboration with a number of internal and external investigators and implement these new strategies into human clinical trials. 
  • We are looking for a highly motivated scientist to work in a collaborative laboratory environment focused on pushing the boundaries of science in the context of interpreting human clinical studies.

  •  Develop methods and identify software tools for working with the program leads within Translational Sciences to analyze complex biological data sets from different translational platforms.  
  •  Provide scientific expertise/direction and leadership to the Translational Sciences organization  
  •  Play an active role in the development and implementation of the bio-marker plans for clinical studies  
  •  Responsibility for data review, analysis, and interpretation from a variety of sources and continual evaluation of the potential impact or research findings on Development projects  
  • Interpret study results and assist Program Leaders in writing (or at least QC and review) summary reports of study results 
  • Assist in writing relevant sections of clinical study reports 

  • Strong scientific background with a MD or Ph.D. and a demonstrated track record of performing excellent science  
  •  The candidate will need to be a dynamic and innovative scientist   
  •  Passion for exploration of human biology with the mission of developing methods to study the changes in tumor biology and in the immune system associated with administration of new medicines   
  •  Ability to balance execution of multiple tasks to accomplish program goals  
  •  An interest in working in and creating an environment of scientific curiosity and an open exchange of ideas  
  •  A high level of emotional intelligence and willing to work closely and collaboratively with other functional groups internal and external to the company  
  •  Exceptional verbal and written communication skills