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Principal Scientist – Hit Identification Strategies  

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Posted on : 03 June 2017

Project Description

Principal Scientist – Hit Identification Strategies

Can you develop and implement our strategy for drug hit identification?

LEO has embarked on a very exciting journey to become the world’s preferred dermatology care partner.

As part of fulfilling this ambition we want to expand our early pipeline by an increased focus on Hit Identification (HitID) strategies for biological targets of interest. We are looking for you to become the main driver responsible for making this a success. You will get ample opportunities to apply all of your experience and ideas of how to do things right from the very beginning in a successful global company. Influence, impact and development are guaranteed in this unique position.

Identify (HitID) and mature Hits into drug Leads (Hit-to-Lead)

LEO aspires to be amongst the leading companies in Hit Identification and the Hit-to-Lead process. To achieve this, you will develop our HitID strategy to enable us to identify and mature drug Hits into Leads. You will be using state of the art techniques in collaboration with external partners, as well as together with highly skilled and dedicated internal resources. Biological targets will include validated as well as non-validated targets, across several target classes. In overview your primary tasks will be to:

  • Develop and tune our strategy for identification and maturation of drug Hits into Leads.
  • Participate in research projects – as main responsible, as participant and as coach and internal consultant/advisor.
  • Efficiently drive Hit-to-Lead follow up campaigns.
  • Contribute strongly to Medicinal Chemistry project activities, including iterative design in the lead optimization (LO) phase.
  • Establish a strong network with relevant scientists, research institutions and companies

Across your tasks you can look forward to creating results in highly specialised and interdisciplinary, cross-functional scientific project teams working with tight and motivating deadlines.

+10 years’ experience and proven track record within drug hit identification

You have a Ph.D. or similar in chemistry or a related field of science. This is supported by at least 10 years’ experience within drug HitID in international companies. As such, you bring a proven track record of hit identification and an active network in the scientific environment within your field of expertise. You have a clear overview of the field as well as hands-on experience from applying different techniques like HTS/MTS, SPR, fragment based lead discovery, DEL, MS etc.

Furthermore, you have a strong medicinal chemistry background with solid experience from HitID, Hit-to-Lead and LO campaigns.

Your previous experience has given you a clear picture of the techniques that lead to the best results, and based on this you can formulate an efficient strategy – and you are highly motivated by this opportunity to do things right. Naturally, you will need all of your data-driven mind-set and strong analytical skills. As you will be driver, coach and facilitator you will also need strong communication and team skills (English is the business language).

Departments of Medicinal Chemistry – your new team

You will join 25 highly skilled chemists in the departments of Medicinal Chemistry based at the LEO headquarters in Ballerup, Greater Copenhagen. We identify and optimise drug hits into drug candidate molecules in a very professional environment with a high level of scientific knowledge and focus.

Deadline for applying is June 30th. We look forward to receiving your application!

For further information please contact either Morten Dahl Sørensen, Head of MedChem I, phone +45 2551 8734, or Daniel R. Greve, Head of MedChem II, phone +45 4177 2177,