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Postdoctoral Scientist, Translational Biomarkers HBV Beerse Belgium,  

Posted on : 01 May 2017

Project Description

  • our company is one of the most innovative Pharmaceutical companies in the world and employs more than 4,000 professionals in belgium. 
  • our Research and development center develops products for a wide range of disease areas, such as mental disorders, neurological problems, Infectious diseases, immunological disorders, Cancer, and cardiovascular and metabolic conditions.
  • the Infectious diseases therapeutic area of company r&d is pioneering new Treatment paradigms for hepatitis b (hbv), and has several assets at different stages of Discovery Research and early Clinical Development
  • these involve agents acting directly on the life cycle of the Virus or agents revamping the host immune response to the chronic infection. 
  • the diversity in working mechanisms of these novel therapeutic options poses challenges for the selection of appropriate readouts that reflect or can predict clinical efficacy in chronically infected hbv patients
  • the rapidly evolving environment of hbv Treatment modalities provides a strong impetus to investigate and identify how combinations of viral and host factors are predictive and provide insight in mechanisms of response to such novel therapeutic options.
  • the Infectious diseases translational Biomarkers department is currently seeking a highly motivated candidate for a 3-year Postdoctoral position to strengthen the team that is investigating samples from chronically hbv-infected patients using state-of-the-art high-dimensional (omics) readout methodologies in the search for novel Biomarkers that can address the above challenges.

function description
  • the Research of the Postdoctoral Scientist will focus primarily on large hbv patient cohorts from observational studies that have been set up especially for this Biomarker Research
  • an extensive exploratory analysis approach, involving a diversity of high-dimensional experimental Assays at various levels (DNA, RNA, Protein, ..) will be required for the identification of critical Biomarkers associated with effective long-term control or cure of the hbv infection. 
  • as different components of the immune system are assumed to significantly contribute to the control and/or resolving of hbv in patients, it is appreciated that the bio marker Research efforts are rapidly moving towards analyses at single-Cell level. 
  • further Validation of the resulting outcome and exploration in Cellular models is also in scope.
  • the candidate will combine hands-on Laboratory work with Data Analysis of various omics methodologies, with particular emphasis to single Cell (type) level approaches. 
  • thereto, he/she will work in close collaboration with the other Scientists and Laboratory staff of the translational Biomarkers, Translational Medicine, Discovery sciences and quantitative sciences teams. 
  • the candidate will also have the opportunity to interact with exteRNAl collaborators (academic and others) involved in these studies.
  • it is expected that the outcome of this work will lead to high-quality Publications in peer-reviewed jouRNAls. 

  • MD/phd or phd in sciences" rel="nofollow">Medical sciences, Bioengineering, Biology or related field, with a good track record of Publications from his/her phd.
  • experience with multiple omics platforms applied for bio marker Research in the context of translational clinical studies. 
  • a solid knowledge of Immunology science and at least basic skills for Laboratory work with primary (human) immune Cells is required; expertise of Flow Cytometry and/or Cell sorting is considered an advantage.
  • hands-on experience with (open source and other) computational tools required for the analysis of omics Biomarker data, with a good understanding of appropriate Statistical approaches.
  • have the drive and capability to translate omics data from various sources into biologically meaningful information, based on a solid Biology background and a flexible, open mindset.
  • enthusiastic personality who enjoys a balanced combination of hands-on Laboratory work and advanced Data Analysis.
  • exCellent Communication, reporting and team working skills. 
  • able to effectively report and present scientific data and concepts according to inteRNAtional standards of the scientific community.
  • the ideal candidate will have acquired some expertise relevant for the project already during his/her phd Research, and is intrigued to extend this expertise while gaining experiences in a pharma Research environment.

  • as an Employee we consider you as our most valuable asset. we take your Career seriously.
  • as part of a global team in an innovative environment your development is key and our day-to-day responsibility. 
  • through e-University, on the job Training, various projects and programs, we ensure your personal growth.
  • our benefits make sure we care for you and your family now and in the future.


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