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Postdoctoral Scientist to Study the Basic Mechanisms Underlying Sleep and its Function in the Brain - Belgium  

VIB (company)


Posted on : 23 May 2017

Project Description

  •  The Laboratory of Sleep and Synaptic Plasticity (PI: Sha Liu) for Brain and Disease Research, is seeking an energetic, highly motivated postdoctoral scientist to join our group.  
  • Our lab employs multi-disciplinary approaches, including Drosophila genetics, behavior analysis, electrophysiology, functional imaging, and neural circuit mapping and manipulation, to study the basic mechanisms underlying sleep and its function in the brain. 
  • Current areas of interest include the roles of sleep in synaptic and network plasticity, and the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying these sleep-dependent processes.
  •   In addition, our lab is also interested in developing novel tools for precisely dissecting the neuronal and glial components of the fly brain. 
  • These tools will facilitate our own research in sleep but we also intend for them to be more generally useful to the neuroscience community. 
  • The postdoc will also have considerable freedom to develop his/her own projects in line with lab interests, in consultation with the PI.

We offer
  • Excellent training. 
  • An opportunity to study exciting and important questions related to sleep in a genetically defined and tractable model system.
  • A creative and collaborative environment with access to state-of-the-art equipment in the institute (including light-sheet microscopy and block-face scanning EM, etc).
  • Competitive salary and benefits (with relocation support for international applicants). 
  • In addition, the successful candidate is also encouraged to obtain independent fellowships (Marie-Curie, EMBO, or National funding organizations).