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Postdoctoral Researcher in the field of Work and Organisation Studies Leuven Belgium,  

Posted on : 19 June 2017

Project Description

FunctieThe postdoctoral researcher is expected to collaborate with the department faculty within at least one of their existing research lines:Multiplicity and ethico-political issues in organizations (Prof. Dr. Maddy Janssens): This research line focuses on the everyday practices surrounding diversity and multiplicity in organizations and their interconnectedness to emancipatory practices, studied through a mixture of qualitative methods that are ethnographic in its sensibility. Empirical settings may vary but preference for organizations working globally or organizations in creative industries.Work-Life Balance (Prof. Dr. Marijke Verbruggen): This research line focuses on the study of work-life related challenges employees today experience (due to, for instance, increased work-related ICT use outside work hours) and of organizational, individual and couple efforts to manage these challenges (e.g., by offering family-friendly work arrangements, by using boundary management strategies, by making career sacrifices for one s partner), preferably through multilevel (e.g., supervisor-employee), multisource (e.g.,employee-spouse) and/or dynamic research designs (e.g., diary studies). &Employee Differentiation (Prof. Dr. Nicky Dries): This research line focuses on employee reactions (ABC: affective, behavioral, and cognitive) to work place differentiation and inequalities (mainly talent/ performance management); organizational secrecy, ambiguity, and obfuscation surrounding workplace differentiation and inequalities, both from a behavioral and an ethical perspective; and the structural underutilization of human potential in the labor market, along with the lived experience of untapped potential in individual employees.Labour Market Issues (Dr. Sarah Vansteenkiste): This research line focuses on broad labour market issues (active ageing, school-to work transition, technology and jobs, job mobility, &) and is embedded in the Centre of Expertise for Labour market Monitoring (CELM) - 'Steunpunt Werk' in Dutch ( CELM is a university-based knowledge center for the monitoring and analysis of the labour market, acting on behalf of the Flemish Government. Its main task is to support the Flemish employment policy, among others by developing indicators, time series, projections and benchmark analyses related to the Flemish labour market.Within the boundaries of these research lines, the candidate will have the freedom to carve out their personal research project. Candidates who wrote their PhD in relation to one of these research lines are particularly welcome, although others with an interest in (one or more of) these topics can also apply.


3000 Leuven Belgium

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