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Postdoctoral position on lightsheet microscopy in material sciences Leuven Belgium,  

KU Leuven (company)

Posted on : 25 April 2017

Project Description

  • You work at the interplay of material sciences, engineering and optics, microscopy. You are responsible for:
  • an existing light sheet microscope (LSFM) which in contrast to a conventional optical microscopes efficiently illuminates a section of a sample and allows for fast and contrast-rich fluorescence tomographies of samples. Specifically, we want to combine LSFM with super-resolution optical technique that allows for the precise localisation of turnover events inside catalysts. The system is based on the OpenSPIM project and equipped with single molecules sensitive CCD detectors 
  • Application of light sheet microscopy to the visualization of acid catalytic performance of micro structured composite catalyst bodies and in packed-bed micro reactors. 
  • We want to directly observe the catalytic activity in 3D using fluorogenic assays using our LSFM setup with diffraction unlimited resolution. In particular, the performance of entire composite catalysts up to one millimeter will be studied in 3D and dynamically in time under different circumstances.
  • Preparation and publication of scientific articles related to the research project as well as the supervision and guidance of motivatedPhD students applying the LSFM for their research.
  • Supervision and guidance of motivated PhD students requiring integrated optical-electron microscopy for their research.

  • We are seeking highly motivated candidates that hold a PhD in physics, chemistry, materials science and/or nanotechnology related subjects. 
  • Expertise in optical techniques and characterization is particularly welcome and experience in fluorescence microscopy required.
  •  A genuine interest in chemical and catalytic processes is vital. 
  • Due to the technical nature of the home-built microscopes experience with (or at least a strong motivation to get insights into) technical aspects such as micro-electronics, lasers,detectors, piezo controllers and opto-mechanics and interest in driving these components via Micro-Manager is expected.
  •  The candidate should have a proven track record in high-impact publications and should be open to interdisciplinary science and collaborations.
  • Our university  offers in this respect an ideal environment with a large number of scientific groups working on different (applied) subjects. 
  • The university is one of Europe s oldest academic institutions and is situated in a medium-sized vibrant student town with a large international community.

  • 2 year financial support with the possibility of extension
  • world-class research environment and equipment
  • International research environment


3000 Leuven Belgium

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