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Postdoc position in systems biology of oxygen sensing in pome fruit Leuven Belgium,  

Posted on : 15 April 2017

Project Description

ResponsibilitiesWhen theoxygen availability in a plant cell decreases, its respiratory activitydecreases and the cell switches to a fermentation metabolism. Man has takenadvantage of this when storing fruit and vegetables by trying to suppress themetabolism by low oxygen without inducing the detrimental stresses associatedwith fermentation conditions. While gas transport limitations inside the fruittissue directly affects its metabolic activity, active regulation of themetabolism may also play a role. This implies the presence of an oxygen sensorresponse system which indeed has been recently discovered in Arabidopsisthaliana. Based on our own transcriptomics study we have evidence for thissensor protein is also being expressed in apple fruit during postharveststorage. This creates a potential pivotal role for the oxygen sensor during thepostharvest storage of apple fruit. The aim ofyour postdoc assignment is to investigate the signalling mechanisms initiatedby the putative oxygen sensor in pome fruit in response to low oxygenconditions.ProfileThe lab islooking for a highly motivated postdoc researcher with a strong background inplant science and molecular and biochemical techniques. You are eager to becomepart of a an international interdisciplinary team to perform cutting-edgeresearch. You have a critical mind and you are willing to learn new techniques.You are required to have a PhD degree (or equivalent) in BioscienceEngineering, Biology or Biochemistry.OfferThe laboffers you a 2year postdoc position. You will be given opportunities to participate atnational and international meetings and you will become responsible forsupervising a PhD student working alongside you. Leuven is a small city in theheart of Europe close to Brussels with a rich historic background. With morethan 40 000 students it provides a vibrant environment for both research andliving.


3000 Leuven Belgium

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