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Postdoc position in genomics / computational biology Stockholm Sweden,  

Sci Life Lab (company)

Posted on : 13 May 2017

Project Description

The research group
  • The lab explores the molecular mechanism by which noncoding RNAs (i.e. long noncoding, transfer and small RNA) regulate genes and genome structure in somatic tissue and in the germline in mammals. 
  • The roles of noncoding RNAs are interrogated genome- and transcriptome-wide by employing a combination of next generation sequencing technologies and high-throughput genetic screening approaches, developing computational methods, along with additional biochemical, molecular and cell biological methods. 
  • The group uses an integrative and collaborative approach, and works closely with experimental and computational groups and other local and international research groups.

  • The research program for this position focuses on the regulation of noncoding RNAs during cell differentiation and disease progression, with a particular interest in the involvement of RNA binding proteins during transcript processing and how they synergize with other co-factors in mammalian systems by using diverse cell lines, mouse and human tissues as model system.
  • The successful applicant will develop and integrate novel transcriptome- and genome-wide computational methods (based on RNA- and ChIP-sequencing data) to study the processing and regulation of noncoding RNAs in mammalian cell lines. 
  • The work implies original research in computational biology, designing computational methods and implementing analytical pipelines to infer underlying molecular mechanisms. 
  • The post holder will take a strong lead in the project design and management, data generation and interpretation, and collaborate with other team members. 
  • The ideal candidate is expected to report the scientific results by writing scientific papers, attending scientific meetings, and effectively communicate with peers. 
  • The ability to work in a highly interdisciplinary and international environment, and to engage in continuous professional development is a must.


Your skills
  • A person is eligible for a position as postdoctoral research fellow if he or she has obtained a PhD no more than seven years before the last date of employment as postdoc.
  • A strong background in genomics, computational biology, and/or statistics as well as experience in high-throughput biological data analysis, extensive scripting and programming knowledge, data visualization is required. 
  • Prior knowledge in eukaryotic RNA biology, gene regulation, and transcriptome-wide studies is an asset. 
  • The ideal candidate should be collaborative, scientifically adventurous, curiosity-driven, and should bring independent and original ideas into the project. 
  • Any previous records of independent research as well as productive interactions within a multi-disciplinary team environment (e.g. first- and/or co-author publications in high profile journals) are advantageous.
  •  All applicants should have good communication skills and be proficient in spoken and written English.

Practical information about the position
  • Length of employment: six months and longer
  • Full time, salaried position


Stockholm Sweden

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