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PhD position in Infection Biology - Sweden  

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Posted on : 05 April 2017

Project Description

Project description: 
  • Our lab seeks a motivated candidate with the ability to work independently and with a strong interest in pursuing a PhD degree in bacterial infection biology. 
  • Our lab studies interactions between invasive gut bacteria, such as Salmonella and Shigella species, and the mammalian intestinal epithelium. 
  • Current research in the group employs infection studies in miniature cultured versions of the mammalian intestine (so called gut organoids), which can be generated by embedding intestinal stem cells in a rich 3D matrix. 
  • The PhD candidate will have an active role in further developing this experimental infection model system. 
  • Moreover, the candidate will use the model system to study i) the bacterial virulence factors and ii) host cell components that impact on each step of the bacterium – host cell interaction during a physiological infection. 
  • A particularly strong project focus lies in studies by advanced light microscopy techniques.