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PhD on wheat subaleurone proteins and their technofunctional performance Leuven Belgium,  

KU Leuven (company)

Posted on : 31 July 2017

Project Description

  • The goal of this project is to study and gain insight in the characteristics of wheat kernel subaleurone proteins and their techno-functional relevance in cereal based food systems. Literature indicates that the protein content in wheat kernel subaleurone tissue can go as high as 54%, which considerably exceeds the endosperm protein content of 8 to 15%. 
  • Moreover, these proteins would consist mostly of gluten proteins which display visco-elastic network formation potential which is responsible for the textural characteristics of many wheat based foods. 
  • However, limited information is available on the variability in and composition of the subaleurone proteins and information on its techno-functional properties is basically absent. 
  • To study the techno-functional relevance of subaleurone proteins, different wheat cultivars will be cultivated under various degrees of N fertilization.
  •  Samples will be taken during grain development to study subaleurone development and mature kernels will be used to produce subaleurone enriched fractions following methods which have been recently developed at the research group. 
  • These fraction will be used to for a comprehensive characterization the subaleurone proteins. 
  • The techno-functional role of the subaleurone proteins will be assessed in production of cereal based products such as (whole) wheat bread.

  • We are looking for a motivated PhD candidate with a Master s degree in bio science engineering, (bio)chemistry, food chemistry, plant science or related relevant disciplines.
  •  The project requires a candidate that displays innovative thinking, is critical, open to interdisciplinary science, both a team player and an independent worker, and fluent in English. He or she possesses good communication skills. 
  • Prior research experience within one of the former scientific disciplines is an advantage.

  • We offer the opportunity to conduct full-time PhD research during a period of 4 years in a young, dynamic and internationally recognised academic research environment. The group (25 PhD students, 9 post-docs) disposes of a broad and acknowledged expertise in the field of cereal constituents and associated cereal-based applications which will greatly support you throughout your PhD trajectory.
  •  Through Arenberg Doctoral School , you will also get the opportunity to take advanced training courses at a top-ranked university to broaden and further develop your scientific skills.


3000 Leuven Belgium

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