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PhD in the molecular and hormonal regulation of leaf epinasty Leuven Belgium,  

Posted on : 20 April 2017

Project Description

ProjectEpinasty is the downwards bending of leaves, often as a response towards abiotic stress. For example, leaf epinasty occurs very rapidly after tomato roots are exposed to abiotic stresses such as hypoxia and salinity. The plant hormones auxin and ethylene play an important role in the root-to-shoot communication during abiotic stress and in the regulation of leaf epinasty. The exact molecular mechanism how epinasty is regulated and how plant hormones control this peculiar nastic movement remain to be elucidated. Furthermore the exact physiological benefit of epinasty during abiotic stress remains obscure. In this PhD project we will conduct a detailed investigation on the molecular and hormonal regulation of leaf epinasty during root hypoxia in tomato while we will characterize the physiological responses of the entire plant. We will use a combination of physiological, biochemical, molecular and genetic tools to perform our investigation. This way we aim to get more insight on how epinasty is controlled and reveal the physiological significance of epinasty during plant abiotic stress tolerance.


3000 Leuven Belgium

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