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Neural markers and interventions for socio-communicative impairments in autism Leuven Belgium,  

Posted on : 12 June 2017

Project Description

ProjectAutism spectrum disorders (ASD) are characterized by impairments in social communication and interaction. Among the major needs, there is a clear urge for more reliable and objective diagnostics and more efficient treatments. With the current research proposal we aim to fill in this gap by assessing and targeting the core social impairments of ASD via a neurobiological approach. In particular, we will validate an innovative EEG-based neural tool to objectively quantify socio-communicative sensitivity in children with ASD. Next, we will combine this new tool with various behavioural, physiological and MRI measurements to study the underlying mechanisms of oxytocin pharmacotherapy (i.e. social salience, social stress, social brain circuitry and social cognition and behaviour), and we will use this multimodal approach to monitor and predict the outcome of a long-term placebo-controlled clinical trial in children with social difficulties with and without ASD.


3000 Leuven Belgium

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