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Monitoring and adaptive control of laser cutting by means of solid state lasers - Belgium  

KU Leuven (company)


Posted on : 10 April 2017

Project Description

Project Background:
  • In recent years fiber lasers have become the new standard for cutting different types of sheet metal materials. 
  • While due to their high beam quality originally their strength seemed to be mainly in fast processing of relatively thin sheets, more recently developments like beam shaping in combination with advanced optic shave allowed to expand the application range to thicker grade materials. 
  • This search for expanding the process window to thicker plates results in a need for improved in-process monitoring and control capabilities.

Research objective:
  • The envisaged research will focus on advanced monitoring and control of laser cutting by means of high power fiber lasers, targeting real time optimization of processing conditions towards productivity maximization. 
  • Identifying suitable process monitoring parameters and measurement principles offering real time control opportunities forms part of the ambitions. 
  • The research will be conducted in close cooperation with a hardware solution developer, which will allow to build highly performance experimental platforms for data collection and experimental validation purposes.

Valid candidates hold a master degree in engineering and preferably have experience in multiple fields of expertise from the following list:
  • Laser technology in general and solid state laser systems in specific
  • Design of optical systems
  • Numerical controlled manufacturing systems
  • Mechatronic principles of adaptive control
  • Image processing
  • CAD/CAM based programming of manufacturing systems
  • Design of experiments

  • The research group on Flexible Sheet Metal Working offers an up to date infrastructure for applied laser related research. 
  • The research project will be conducted in close cooperation with strategic partners in order to assure industrial relevance.