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Molecular Biology of protein post-translational modifications Pomezia Italy,  

Posted on : 14 May 2017

Project Description

  • we are seeking an experienced Cell Biologist to join our biology department.
  •  as a key Member of company s biology team this role will involve directing and delivering on the company s internal and external Drug Discovery objectives.
  • the successful candidate is expected to have experience in the functional Analysis of Protein post-translational modifications, with particular relevance to kinase-mediated signaling and phosphorylation studies.
  •  the ideal candidate will have a phd or equivalent experience, will be versed in the genetic and pharmacological Analysis of intraCellular Signal Transduction, and have demonstrable, hands-on experience of one or more of the following: genome Editing to introduce point mutations to study ptm function; intrabody technology to selectively target post-translationally modified variants of Proteins of interest; proximity ligation to identify and detect specific ptms within Cells. 
  • the successful candidate will join a dynamic, multidisciplinary team dedicated to the development of novel therapeutic strategies for huntington s disease leveraging post-translational modifications of huntingtin Protein.
  • strong Communication Skills will be required to enable successful management of both Associate and phd scientists as well as the coordination of external collaborations and Research_organization" rel="nofollow">CRO s. 
  • this position will suit a highly motivated, innovative and strong team player with experience and a proven track record of advancing Drug Discovery projects.

minimum requirements:
  • phd in Biochemistry, molecular biology or a related field, with significant post-doctoral experience. industrial experience in the Pharmaceutical or biotech sector is a bonus; 
  • extensive experience in the functional Analysis/mechanistic aspects of Signal Transduction mediated by post-translational modifications, and of kinase-mediated signaling in particular; 
  • management and Leadership skills, ability to provide supervision and mentorship; 
  • strong team ethic and focus on delivering to agreed project timelines; 
  • motivated and passionate about conducting high quality scientific Research.


00071 Pomezia (RM) Italy

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