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Model-driven software engineer - Netherlands  

NightBalance (company)


Posted on : 13 May 2017

Project Description

  • We believe that changing lives of people is the most important thing we do. 
  • Through innovation, we make sure that people with Positional Sleep Apnea get treated in a comfortable way to make them feel good again. 
  • We thrive to enable sleep physicians to treat their patients effectively and sustainably. 
  • We are growing and are looking for Experts who want to be a part of our Team. 
  • Colleagues who love What they do and also think about Why they do. 
  •  Our goal is to change lives of at least 500.000 people by 2020  

Here is a brief overview of our Core Values. 
  • Enthusiasm
    We have a SPARK! Positive energy and passion is a signature for anyone in our team. 
  • Deliver
    We walk the talk. We achieve results as agreed and deliver on time. 
  • Responsibility
    We own ownership. We thoughtfully consider stakeholders and future steps,
    view things in a broader perspective to ensure success. 
  • Inspirational
    We design WOW! We inspire ourselves by the latest thoughts and innovations
    and wow others with our vision, creative minds and smart ideas. 
  • Fanatical support
    Count on us. We love personal contact with our patients, doctors, distributors, investors
    and colleagues. We always proactively help each other. 
  • Excellence
    We make our work exceptional. We value quality, design and Einstein’s simplicity.
    We improve ourselves every day. 
  • Team spirit
    We are a team! Together we proactively create a happy workspace.
    We are honest with ourselves and each other and celebrate our successes (with champagne)!  

Our product
  • We develop devices for treating Positional Sleep Apnea. 
  • Our core product is the Sleep Position Trainer, a new innovation that is worn during sleep to train not to sleep on the back. 
  • With the Sleep Position Trainer, apnea patients get back their good nights’ rest and energetic lives.
  • Our company  was founded in 2009, is clinically proven in over 50.000 nights and is distributing her innovation in 9 European countries. 
  • We are working with specialized hospitals and clinics worldwide to expand the company.
  • Patients who suffer from Positional OSAS can get a Sleep Position Trainer through prescriptions from ENT physicians and pulmonologists at these hospitals. 


Our team
  • We are a growing company with a young dynamic team where your expertise is needed. 
  • Our team is enthusiastic, ambitious and professional. The atmosphere is very informal and open, and there is a high level of employee involvement and commitment. 
  • We celebrate every goal reached! Regular BBQ’s, annual team events, Christmas parties and dinners and create fun time with our colleagues. 
  • We try to meet the users of our products every quarter in user sessions. 
  • We want to understand the outside dynamics and value of our business to users by visiting congresses worldwide. Also, don’t forget to watch our introduction movie. 

We organize a company training day every quarter, hosted by experienced speakers focusing on professional development. We also stimulate individual development and coaching in order to be an A+ player. We have a weekly inspirational movie, presented by one of our team members and provide a monthly learning based on the experience of our colleagues. Plus there is a learning budget free to spend on external courses and learning. 


Duties and Responsibilities
  • Develop an enterprise application for company's medical product with  a focus on performance, scalability and stability. 
  • Build a quality application taking security and privacy of (medical) data security into account. 
  • Optimize application for usability, maximum speed and scalability. 
  • Integration of multiple data sources and databases into one system. 
  • Creating a domain model (database is handled by Mendix). 
  • Implementing automated testing platforms and appropriate tests. 
  • Documentation within development process for compliance with IEC 62304 standards. 
  • Management of hosting environment, including database administration and scaling an application to support load changes. 
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders. 
  • Bridge the gap between data resources and front-end requests, taking an active role on both sides and defining how the application works as well as usability.  

Skills / Requirements 
  • Degree (or equivalent) in an applicable Software Engineering or Computer Science field. 
  • Experience in developing enterprise software system projects to successful launch in worldwide markets including the US. 
  • Proven track record in Architecting large-scale Enterprise software systems that were delivered to market. 
  • Good understanding of medical device software system global quality / regulatory requirements, design files, documentation and qualification. 
  • Demonstrable experience and applicable expertise in requirements gathering, product specifications, design of complex telehealth systems incorporating medical devices, enterprise software and interoperability with external applications and other 3rd party components. 
  • Experience in delivering cloud based solutions and establishing a service oriented architecture (SOA) 
  • Experience with an object-oriented programming language (preferably Java), PostgreSQL/SQL and REST/SOAP is a must. 
  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies and platforms, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. 
  • Experience in design of enterprise solutions incorporating data security compliant to Regulatory guidance, especially FDA. 
  • Basic knowledge of Python for communication with other stakeholders. 
  • Basic understanding of advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks. 
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git / SVN. 
  • Understanding of accessibility and security compliance. 
  • User authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments. 
  • Understanding differences between multiple delivery platforms such as mobile vs desktop, and optimizing output to match the specific platform. 
  • Proven ability to measure productivity improvements for continuous improvement initiatives. 
  • Excellent communication skills in English and/or Dutch. 
  • Experience with aPaaS is preferable, especially Mendix. 
  • Understanding of Agile software development (preferably SCRUM). 
  • Understanding of Atlassian tools (JIRA & Confluence) is preferred. 
  • Experience in managing 3rd party development partners.  

What we offer 
  • A market conform salary and benefits. 
  • An inspiring working environment where autonomy is appreciated. 
  • An organisation where professional and personal growth are important.