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Methods for Privacy Engineering - Belgium  

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Posted on : 18 May 2017

Project Description

  • Privacy is gaining importance in software development. The new EU data protection regulation imposes high demands related to privacy, in fact on all software systems. There are however still many open research questions related to the integration of privacy in the software development life-cycle. 
  • We currently focus on a number of these research challenges, including:
    • Methodological support for privacy-driven software engineering
    • Privacy-by-design: privacy throughout the software development life-cycle
    • Privacy impact assessments (PIA)
    • Decision and trade-off support for threat elicitation and mitigation
    • Taxonomy of privacy-enabling solutions for software architectures
    • Privacy impact assessments and mitigation support for existing/legacy systems
    • Integration of legal data protection requirements (GDPR obligations) into a technical privacy engineering methodology
    • Given the timeliness of the topic, there is an overwhelming interest from industry in these research topics. 
    • The specific research challenges will thus be tackled in pilot projects in collaboration with our industry partners (in innovative application domains, including for example e-health, e-finance, and smart cities).

If you share our strong interest in software development and software engineering, and if you have
  • a master in computer science (or equivalent),
  • an analytical mind and technically skilled,
  • strong affinity to software engineering research, 
  • optionally some industry experience, 
  • and fluent English communication skills,

  • a supportive and collaborative team in which you can develop know-how and expertise in state-of-the-art technologies,
  • the opportunity to build up research and innovation skills that are essential for a future career in industrial as well as academic research and development environments,
  • support in the further development of your competences to analyze strategic research problems and to architect and evaluate innovative solutions with industrial applicability,
  • industry and market value in the field of software security and privacy,
  • a modular and dynamic growth path triggered by your own interests and skills,
  • an international and multicultural working environment