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Medical Science Liaison Job Beijing China,  

Posted on : 10 April 2017

Project Description

Medical Science Liaison-MED002815DescriptionPosition Overview - Basic Functions & ResponsibilityThe Medical Science Liaison serves as an advocate for MSD science within the healthcare community. By virtue of his/her training, the MSL is well-positioned to discuss and provide scientific and therapeutic information to Health Care Professionals and Researchers (Clinical and Scientific Leaders) viewed by their peers to be authorities in a therapeutic field. The MSL is responsible for ensuring that he/she is fully versed in the therapeutic area and up-to-date on all major studies, both ongoing and completed, competitive product information and clinical data.Engagements with External ExpertsDevelop an understanding of regional and national thought-leaders and the healthcare environments in which they work through effective professional engagement with Clinical and Scientific leaders that are centered on science and credible exchange of unbiased scientific information.1. Interact with managed care organizations, healthcare professionals, clinical investigators, and other healthcare organizations providing fair, balanced, and scientifically rigorous medical and clinical information.2. " Meet with healthcare professionals who might be interested in engaging in a scientific discussion regarding a product s medical and clinical profile in the context of approved prescribing information as well as in response to unsolicited questions or requests for information which may involve off-label information. (Unsolicited means that the information request was neither suggested nor encouraged by the MSL or MSD sales representatives)3. " Participate in the development and implement tactics identified in the Medical Affairs Plans (MAP).4. " Work with MRL personnel to identify potential investigators for Phases 1, 2 and 3 Clinical Research projects, based on MSD needs and on the investigator's expertise and access to appropriate patients. As requested by MRL, secure participation of investigators they choose.5. " Alert investigators to MSD's program for Investigator Initiated Study Proposals (MISP) and to the process for submitting investigator designed proposals for review and approval; encourage and facilitate research publication of MISP studies supported by MSD, in strict compliance with HQ and local guidance regarding MISP's.6. " When requested (and consistent with local SOPs), may represent the Medical Department at Local or Regional Medical events (e.g. Medical Congresses and Symposia.) They may collaborate in the coordination of pre-event information and communication of post-event summaries.Non-Promotional Scientific InformationThe Medical Science Liaison is to engage exclusively in activities conductive to scientific exchange. As such, MSLs must be mindful of permissible subject matter, manner of discussion, context and audience and as such should be fully trained to fulfill all professional and regulatory requirements. Given the role of the MSL and the nature of MSL activities, it is critically important that MSLs avoid even the appearance of engaging in promotional activities.


Beijing, CN

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