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Master s Thesis: Enzyme Engineering Stockholm Sweden,  

SOBI (company)

Posted on : 03 June 2017

Project Description

Master's Thesis
Characterization and engineering of the pH profile of an engineered (ancestral) enzyme 

  • Our company is an international specialty healthcare company dedicated to rare diseases. 
  • Our mission is to develop and deliver innovative therapies and services to improve the lives of patients. 
  • The product portfolio is primarily focused on Haemophilia, Inflammation and Genetic diseases
  • We also market a portfolio of specialty and rare disease products for partner companies across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Russia. 
  • Our company  is a pioneer in biotechnology with world-class capabilities in protein biochemistry and biologic manufacturing.
  • This master thesis project is related to the design of a stable and highly active enzyme, which could potentially be used as a complement to already existing treatments for patients with a certain rare metabolic disease. 
  • We have used a bioinformatics approach to obtain new enzymes which could be the starting point for generating such highly active variants. 
  • This project aims at characterizing the pH profile of these new enzymes and possibly engineering their optimum pH, by rational site-directed mutagenesis, in order to meet the physiological requirements.
  •  A literature study should be performed in the starting phase of the project to understand what such requirements can be (Where does the enzyme need to be active? 
  • What would be the optimal pH? What has been tried in similar cases/what strategies can we use?)
  • The project lab work includes expression and purification of the enzymes in bacterial cells, protein purification methods, characterizing the enzymes by performing activity assays, and possibly using cloning techniques such as PCR, digestion/ligation. 

Desirable applicants: 
  • Master student in molecular biology, protein engineering or related field
  • Experience and knowledge in one or several of the following skills:
    • Sub-cloning of recombinant genes
    • Bacterial or mammalian protein expression
    • High-throughput screening
    • Protein characterization (ELISA, SDS-PAGE, western blots, MS) 


Stockholm Sweden

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