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Manufacturing Technology - Process Engineer - United States  

Dupont Biosciences (company)


Posted on : 04 April 2017

Project Description

Job Description
  • The Process Engineer in the Operations Team works in support of HDM’s Polyimide business.  HDM uses a batch manufacturing process to manufacture liquid polyimide precursors.  These materials are used in the semiconductor electronics businesses of our customers.  

Functional Responsibilities
  • Provide technical support to Polyimide Production 
  • Troubleshooting process issues  
  • Use Six Sigma methodology to improve quality and product performance in customers’ applications. 
  • Work with multifunctional teams to assure Polyimide production meets requirements in quality and consistency. 
  • Monitor production performance and act proactively to correct trends or changes in product performance that would be viewed as differences in the field (eg, photo speed, Ionics, particles) 
  • Analyze and review product performance annually at Quality Review 
  • Track and manage critical parameters in order to assure good manufacturing performance as measured by in-process criteria and first-pass-first quality yield. 
  • Work on projects to improve yield and quality, reduce cost, and increase production uptime. 
  • Lead quality investigations, as assigned, from customer complaints or defects. 
  • Technical link between Business, Quality and Product R&D 
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of how the chemistry of our products affects manufacturability. 
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of how the process elements affect product performance. 
  • Use that fundamental understanding to continuously improve the production process and work with R&D to improve product development. 
  • Provide manufacturing inputs for new product / process developments, including on line trials, and leading manufacturing evaluations during appropriate phase of new product development 
  • Provide on call support to manufacturing for product/formulation/process issues/concerns

Job Qualifications
  • Degree(s) in Chemical Engineering and/or Chemistry/ Materials. 
  • Over 2 years of experience in manufacturing 
  • SAP knowledge or background. 
  • Experience in process/product development. 
  • Good problem solving ability. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills. 
  • Computer skills. 
  • Teamwork oriented. 
  • Be willing to learn six sigma methodology  
  • Self-motivated to identify problems & issues and then develop programs to correct. 
  • Understand ISO registration requirements 
  • Quality focused on VOC, internal & external, needs 
  • Operate in the company  Process Safety environment, Responsible for task including Process Technology, Process Hazard Analysis, Management of Change.
Problem Solving
  • Good mechanical aptitude 
  • Be able to troubleshoot issues quickly and with minimized downtime. 
  • Be able to work with Operators and Engineering to solve problems on production line. 
  • Implement programs to improve process and production conditions. 
  • Implement programs to improve product quality.