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Lab Technician - Belgium  

ReMynd (company)


Posted on : 26 February 2017

Project Description

To support the expansion of our company's activities at the CRO and DDD unit, we are looking for a Lab Technician. 

Your role: 
  • Observing and treating mice under study 
  • Performing behavioral studies, such as Morris Water Maze or Object Recognition Test, as well as histologist or biochemical analyses, such as ELISA, Western Analysis, ... 
  • Analyzing data and documenting findings 
  • Suggesting improvements in the methods and analyses 
  • Occasionally, observing and treating mice under study 
  • Working in a team of equal minded colleagues under the supervision of a study-director  
  • Planning your own activities on a weekly basis in order to deliver the results 
  • Working occasionally a few hours over the weekends in a rotating scheme with other colleagues