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Internship position R&D - Netherlands  

MICREOS (company)


Posted on : 22 March 2017

Project Description

  • We are continuously looking for talented BSc (HLO) or MSc students that want to do an internship at the R&D department of our company. 
  • During your internship, you will assist our researchers in the laboratory on current Research and Development projects. 
  • The practical work will mainly involve microbiological techniques in relation to the isolation, characterization, and lab scale production of bacteriophages. 

  •   Finding and isolating new bacteriophages for future products 
  •   Characterizing newly isolated bacteriophages 
  •   Optimizing bacteriophage production in shake flasks 
  •   Plating and growing of (pathogenic) bacteria on lab scale 
  •   Adequately documenting and analyzing experimental results in lab journal format  

  •   strong interest in working in a microbiological laboratory setting 
  •   experience with aseptically handling microbiological samples 
  •   Epreferably experience with working in a ML-I/ML- II restricted laboratory environment 
  •   BSc (HLO) or MSc with specialization in (Food) Microbiology, Molecular Biology or other relevant field  

Company Profile: 
  • It develops natural phage products against dangerous bacteria in the food chain and is viewed as product leader in this field. 
  • The company's product against the deadly Listeria monocytogenes (well known for its risk to pregnant women), is used globally by food processing companies.
  •  It is a culture of safe, natural phages, against Listeria in meat, cheese, fish, vegetables, fruit and other food products. 
  • Today, our product helps many food processors in their fight against Listeria, without any effect on the properties of the treated food product.
  •  This means it leaves desired bacteria in place, i.e. in starter cultures for cheese production.