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Internship - junior science journalist and editor - writing news updates on Belgian life sciences innovations Ghent Belgium,  

Posted on : 29 November 2016

Project Description

we are launching a novel online platform reporting on belgium-based Innovation and breakthroughs in sciences" rel="nofollow">Life sciences. we target all national and international sciences" rel="nofollow">Life sciences stakeholders, students and consumers with an interest in sciences" rel="nofollow">Life sciences and basic scientific knowledge.

we offer sciences" rel="nofollow">Life sciences master students (e.g. Bioengineering" rel="nofollow">Bio-engineering, Biology, Biochemistry & Biotechnology, bio-sciences" rel="nofollow">Medical sciences) a challenging and interesting internship: exploring the belgian sciences" rel="nofollow">Life sciences community - industry and academia - identify interesting Innovations, breakthroughs and Research topics and writing short summaries for the platform.

interested in expanding and sharing your science insights online? keen to develop your own blog?

we will help you explore the belgian sciences" rel="nofollow">Life sciences community, identify relevant Innovations and develop excellent science writing skills, supervised by native English speakers. we are looking for sciences" rel="nofollow">Life sciences master students who like to write - preferentially in English. we expect a good understanding of online news platforms and Social Media. we pay 10 - 13


Ghent East Flanders Flanders Belgium

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