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Integrated Time-based Signal Processing Circuits for Harsh Radiation Environments Leuven Belgium,  

Posted on : 12 June 2017

Project Description

ProjectThe goal of this PhD project will be to lay the circuit foundations for radiation tolerant, time-based, analogue signal processing to support the needs of future nuclear systems like thermonuclear fusion reactors (e.g. ITER) and high-energy physics experiments (e.g. HL-LHC), as well as challenging space missions (e.g. JUICE), where the electronic front-ends will be exposed to extreme levels of radiation up to 1000 times higher than current commercial rad-hard components can handle. Scaled CMOS technologies are often impacted by a reduced dynamic range of the signals, and therefore benefit from processing signals in the time domain. Since time accuracy is severely impacted by radiation, which increases 1/f noise and mismatch in oscillators and delay lines, innovative radiation tolerant low-jitter circuits are needed to achieve ps-accuracy. This project sets the innovative goal to develop a radiation tolerant sub-ps time-to-digital converter and a 16-bit time-based sensor readout in nanometer CMOS technologies with record radiation tolerance of 10 MGy and 3E16 neutrons/cm2 (1 MeV) to make this possible. Within the RADSAGA network, the ESR will collaborate with ESR8 for modelling aspects, profit from the predictive tools developed by ESR9 and ESR10 and from the study of synergetic effects by ESR3.ProfileWe are looking for a candidate who holds (or will soon receive) a Masterdegree in Electronic Engineering or an equivalent degree. Some experience in orknowledge of CMOS integrated circuit design is required. The candidate shouldhave a strong interest in electronics and nuclear physics.


3000 Leuven Belgium

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