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IB Biomaterials Applications Development Specialist Leiden Netherlands,  

Dupont Biosciences (company)

Posted on : 15 April 2017

Project Description

Job Description
  • Our company is currently recruiting for an Applications Development specialist with material and polymer experience for the Industrial Bio Sciences-Biomaterials Platform. 
  • Candidates have relevant experience in industries such as the paper industry, the bio material and processing industries, polymer and packaging processing and application development industries. 
  • Our company -Bio materials business is currently developing a family of novel polysaccharides for a wide range of potential industrial applications. 
  • The technical organization is engaged in direct customer interactions, customer problem solving, and applications development with these materials.
  • The position requires a person with experience in the processing and conversion of new biomaterials in industrial markets such as paper making or paper coating applications, development of compounded bio material applications preferably in an industrial environment. 
  • While the position will primarily involve work to develop new application and product  development, the candidate may also be required to work closely with other functions such as operations and process development. 
  •  Regular travel to various customer and partner sites in Europe and North America will be required.

Working with the global process and product development teams, the candidate will:
  •    Focus on understanding the fundamental material science properties of the polysaccharides and how these properties can add value in customer applications 
  •   Identify new opportunities for polysaccharides in industrial applications 
  •   Lead customer development programs 
  •   Build understanding of the use of the polysaccharides in downstream applications such as paper printing  
  •   Develop and build laboratory capabilities for applications development at the facility  working with and representing our company on various European Union new material development programs. 
  •  Working with and representing our company  on various European Union new material development programs.

Job Qualifications
  •  A Bachelors degree in a scientific or engineering field or the equivalent level of experience 
  •   Preferably 5 to 10 years of related Industrial experience 
  •   Options experiences: Paper Making or Paper Coating expertise, polymer processing and compounding expertise, packaging development and applications 
  •  Understanding of downstream applications such as printing. 
  •    Experience in polymer fiber spinning or polymer composite processing, would be desirable 
  •   Technical service experience 
  •  Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills 
  •  Fluent in both written and spoken English; an additional European language (ie. Dutch or German) would be a plus 
  •  Experienced with effectively interfacing with customers in both a one-on-one setting as well as interactions with larger groups 
  •   Experience with working on EU projects is a plus 
  •   Strong problem solving skills 
  •  Ability to operate independently with a minimum of supervision 
  •  Ability to be effective in a growing, dynamic, and changing business environment


Netherlands Leiden Leiden

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