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Human body material administrator - Biobanking - Belgium  

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Posted on : 08 March 2017

Project Description

  • All activities are intended to make human body material (tissues and cells) available to doctors for use in treating their patients, and also to researchers. 
  • Within a university institution there are also a number of experimental applications which are undergoing rapid development. 
  • These are initiated by researchers but their first steps are guided and assisted in the broader context of tissue and cell banks, as are numerous clinical studies involving stem cells etc. 
  • This activity center is an important player on a national and international level, working closely with organ transplantation related activities and with dozens of other hospitals and institutions, based on own expertise and providing a context for these activities 

Requirements and competency profile
  • The human body material administrator has the authority and carries the responsibilities in the context of human body material banks as set out by the Belgian law of 19 DECEMBER 2008 (law regarding the procurement and use of human body material destined for human medical applications or for scientific research purposes - responsible person). 
  • Leadership and organisation of human body material banks is entrusted to a doctor who must have the necessary knowledge and experience of the activities carried out by the bank. 
  • He/she must be able to show evidence of at least two years' practical experience in the relevant fields. 
  • He/she must stay up to date with the latest medical scientific developments in the areas relating to the activities of the tissue or cell bank and must keep staff informed about these.
  • Your position will involve the following:  
  • Monitoring  - proper implementation of procedures in relation to donation, procurement, testing, processing, preservation, storage and distribution of human tissues or cells within the bank in accordance with national / international regulatory provisions.
    •  compliance with technical, ethical and administrative rules governing this activity, particularly traceability;
    •  relationships with procurement sites and teams and implantation departments and teams; 
    •  reporting to the government and, where applicable, notification of competent national authorities concerning all adverse events or undesirable effects

Requirements and competency profile
  • You are a Medical Doctor (M.D), specialized in a wide-ranging discipline (general internal medicine, general surgery, pathology etc.) with extensive clinical experience in a hospital practice context;
  • You have clear technical ability and a focused approach with an emphasis on results and solutions
  • You have expertise or are willing to extend your knowledge in areas such as production of sterile products under clean room conditions with application of “good manufacturing practices (GMPs)”
  • You are a team player with proven leadership and coaching skills and you are capable of mobilising and enthusing people.
  • You are capable of developing a clear policy vision and motivating staff in the context of change and optimisation projects
  • You have an awareness of the legal framework and ethics surrounding the protection of both deceased and living donors and recipients
  • Experience of quality governance and/or hospital governance and management is an advantage

We offer
  • A fascinating and complex hospital organisation offering continuous challenges for your professional expertise.
  • An attractive employment package including numerous fringe benefits.