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Human body material administrator - Biobanking - Belgium  

UZLeuven (company)

Posted on : 08 March 2017

Project Description

  • All activities are intended to make human body material (tissues and cells) available to doctors for use in treating their patients, and also to researchers. 
  • Within a university institution there are also a number of experimental applications which are undergoing rapid development. 
  • These are initiated by researchers but their first steps are guided and assisted in the broader context of tissue and cell banks, as are numerous clinical studies involving stem cells etc. 
  • This activity center is an important player on a national and international level, working closely with organ transplantation related activities and with dozens of other hospitals and institutions, based on own expertise and providing a context for these activities 

Requirements and competency profile
  • The human body material administrator has the authority and carries the responsibilities in the context of human body material banks as set out by the Belgian law of 19 DECEMBER 2008 (law regarding the procurement and use of human body material destined for human medical applications or for scienti

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