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Group Leader Manufacturing - Belgium  

Agrosavfe (company)


Posted on : 10 November 2016

Project Description

We have the ambition to contribute to a safer production of healthier food. We use heavy-chain binding domains derived from camelid antibodies or Agrobodies® for the development of innovative biopesticides to control crop pests and diseases. Our first research program has resulted in a series of Agrobodies® with anti-fungal activity as demonstrated by the protection of plants from fungal infections. The challenges we face are substantial but so are the rewards, as we are taking a whole new approach for the development of biopesticides. We are a highly dynamic company welcoming creative, innovative entrepreneurs and providing ample opportunities for personal development, in an open, positive team spirit. We have generated Agrobodies against a key component of the fungal cell membrane and cell wall and such Agrobodies have anti-fungal activities against a broad range of fungi. Anti-fungal Agrobodies can be produced by fermentation and be applied as a spray-on biopesticide or in a seed coating to protect crops and harvested products from infections. We are now moving these Agrobodies into the development process, focusing on the commercialization of biofungicides for applications on fruits, vegetables and other crops. 

Large scale fermentation and downstream processing is required to generate large amounts of Agrobodies for further testing in the greenhouse and field, so we need to scale our productions from mg’s to g’s and kg’s. 

Therefore, we are looking for an engineer or scientist, with expertise and experience in fermentation and in downstream processing of proteins in E. coli and more importantly in yeasts. The engineer/scientist is expected to organize fermentations and processing with a small in-house team and by interaction with service providers.   

Key responsibilities:  
  • Coordination of microbial productions as required for the different R&D projects 
  • Management of a small in-house team for productions and downstream processing 
  • Relationship with service providers for fermentation and downstream processing 
  • Development of optimized fermentations and downstream processing for cost effective large scale production of Agrobodies 
  • Organizing large scale manufacturing for registration and commercialization  

  • MSc/PhD in biochemistry/biotechnology, biological techniques, or equivalent 
  • Experienced with fermentation systems and downstream processing 
  • Enthusiastic team leader with good communication skills 
  • Hands-on, practical, problem-solving oriented 
  • Pro-active and high sense of quality, accuracy and detail 
  • Passionate and a positive mindset dedicated to success 
  • Interested and capable of collaborating outside of area of expertise 
  • Comfortable working in start-up environment