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External Affairs Lead Brussels Belgium,  

MSD (company)

Posted on : 15 May 2017

Project Description

  • The External Affairs Director (EAD) is part of the Management Team of our company.
  • This position reports to the Managing Director. The EAD has an integrated vision on market access, policy and communication, and is responsible for strategic stakeholder management.
  • The EAD takes leadership in setting clear strategies to ensure optimal access of company medicines to patients as well as acceptable pricing with positive ROI on the short and long term and this for new pipeline-products as well as for in-line/marketed products.
  • The EAD, with the support of his/her market access team (8 people, 1 lead reporting to EAD), is responsible for optimal value propositions substantiated by Health Technology Assessment, to support in achieving / exceeding targets and agreed KPI's for company business.
  • The EAD leads the policy and communication team to shape a more favorable and stable pharma-environment which supports biopharmaceutical innovation and develop and execute activities which support the short term and long-term growth of key company franchises (eg immuno-oncology; hep C; vaccines; hospital care; diabetes/ cardiovascular; Alzheimer)
  • The EAD collaborates at senior management level with Top & Key Customers (e.g. Ministries of Health, Economic Affairs and Finance, Governmental agencies (RIZIV/INAMI; FAGG; &), professional- and patient associations and key scientific leaders &. 
  • Key components of the job include but are not limited to: understanding the customer value proposition and identifying mutual interest with our company, understanding and being able to influence the relevant environment and mechanisms, having a tangible and accessible network. 
  • The EAD acts as the N-1 of the Managing Director within the pharma-association ( and represents our company  in key strategic task forces and/or delegates TF participation to his/her team members and ensures a good coordination between all task force participants.


The EAD is responsible for achieving / exceeding targets and agreed KPI's. Responsible for company business and operates to maximize outcomes.
  • Optimal patient access of company medicines by strategic reimbursement procedures for new pipeline products and continuously showing added value of inline/marketed products
  •  Ensure substantiation of added value by HTA and Outcomes Research in reimbursement procedures as well as value propositions for top- and key customers.
  •  Gives strategic direction on value based pricing and risk sharing opportunities
  •  Solves complex access and pricing challenges, defines new innovative pricing models and risk sharing schemes (e.g. in immuno-oncology, hep C, alzheimer, antibiotics, &) and tenders on regional level for Vaccines, taking multiple stakeholder interest into account.
  •  Responsible for optimizing outcomes for company business in negotiation process with payers (art 81)
  •  Is responsible to create a trustful, innovative and responsible partnership with top and key customers centered around the MoH on federal and regional level; realizes agenda-setting to change policy to positive outcome for our company innovative medicines.
  •  Responsible for integrated policy and stakeholder management plans, identifies shared interests and realizes joint projects between mentioned stakeholders
  •  Further leverages company position in the stakeholder field, also in giving direction to high level discussion fora.
  •  Shows the economic value of the pharmaceutical industry in Belgium and the important footprint of company in particular
  •  Proposes and realizes solutions in complex networks and brings together different positions.
  •  Responsible for the strategic external communication management of our company.
  •  Will leverage communication as an integrated part of policy (e.g. agenda setting at key stakeholders) which will lead to realizing optimal access of innovative company medicines to patients.
  •  Secures organizational understanding of key customer needs and takes part in defining what customer solutions are needed in close collaboration with MD, Area Directors and Medical Director
  •  Optimizes and coordinates all priority products to achieve the best possible resource allocation and prioritization
  •  Collaborates with relevant functions in our company and listen to internal needs / wants to find the best solution for customers and patients
  •  Is supported by a team of 13 people: provide management and leadership.
  •  Manages talent within the team and forecast personnel needs. Support recruiting efforts (interviews, hiring), conduct performance evaluation, and ensure appropriate development

Education and Experience
  •  >10 years in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Proven leadership in market access, policy and/or communication. Business experience (marketing/sales) is a plus. We would also consider a high potential Business Unit Director / Franchise Lead who has some grounding market access within their career.
  • Prior management / leadership experience required.
  • Language: Fluent in English required. Fluency in Dutch OR French required.

Competencies and Leadership skills
  • Broad understanding of pharmaceutical business
  •  Strong interpersonal and negotiation skills
  •  Capable of analysing complex situations with calm and lucidity, eliminating redundant information and retrieving only those that are necessary for his activity/objectives.
  •  Comfortable working independently
  •  Strong team-spirit and Personal Leadership capabilities to organize direct as well as non-direct reports around business priorities
  •  Drive for optimizing deals
  •  Strategic, analytical
  •  Networker, team player
  •  Used to interact with high level stake holders (authority persons)
  •  Entrepreneurial mindset

Travel: Yes, 15 % of the Time
Job Segment:  Medical, Oncology, Special Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical Sales, Healthcare, Science, Sales             



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